I need tips i work in a care home and its welsh speaking but they speak english to me even when i speak welsh to them please help

Well, just a thought: maybe you’d politely ask them to speak Cymraeg to you. It worth to try I believe.

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Shwmae Dunc!
If you’re allowed to wear pin badges, get yourself a ‘Cymraeg’ badge - either the orange speech mark type from the Welsh Language Commissioner, or the Welsh for Adults logo type if you can get one.
If they still fail to speak to you in Welsh, you could always use persistence by responding to their English replies in Welsh!


I love this one!

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Unfortunately, it’s not as easy for you to use the technique Eirwen and I use in France and Italy when people attempt to respond to us in English - we just tell them we are Welsh and that we don’t speak English. We then say - Siarad Cymraeg? - and they revert to speaking French or Italian to us.