Suggestions for learners visiting Cardiff

Are there any other regular events in Cardiff apart from the Mochyn Du night that learners visiting the city can pop along to? So, not regular classes but things that a visitor could just go to as a one off.
Also any suggested places to visit to practice? I remember years ago there was a great little cafe in Albany Road that was regularly visited by learners because all the staff spoke Welsh and were happy to help learners with their practice.

Is the cafe/bar in the Welsh language centre in the old library in the Hayes still going? That seemed to have ‘guaranteed’ Welsh speaking staff. It was there when we popped in a few months ago, but I vaguely remember something about it closing very recently- so wait for someone else to confirm.

Edit- they’ve got stuff listed for September as being in the bar,

So presumably it is still going.

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I live in Cardiff and to be honest I haven’t found much going on.

The Old Library is the only place where I could attempt to speak ordering food but funnily enough most of the menu was like in Italian ahaha:

“Ehm… Pasta a Cappuccino… os gwelwch yn dda…” :joy:


Yup, that’s how it works! :blush:
Exactly the same language mixing as in “English!” :blush:

It is still going then? That’s great!

Last time we were in Cardiff, we came across Welsh speaking staff in the cafe in the Old library, in the Mochyn Du and saw plenty of Welsh posters in the Cayo Arms for gigs and the Welsh language rugby team which use it (only us two and one member of staff there though, very early, so no idea how much Welsh is spoken there, but good way to encourage it.)

Obviously most places will depend on luck and who is there at the time, it’s good if you can get into the feeling of just using Welsh when and where you happen to be able to, and places like the old library can help with that!

As of course, can Welsh evenings and events held anywhere else.

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Another worthwhile place to visit is Caban, the Welsh language bookshop in Kings Rd, Pontcanna. They always have a Welsh speaker behind the counter, and they have a little table where you can sit and have a coffee too.

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I’d imagine the museum probably has Welsh speaking staff. Even if you don’t necessarily need to speak to them I guess you could invent a few scenarios where you ask them about stuff just to practice.

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Just had a look at the Menter Caerdydd website. Not sure if they’re still going on but they list a Clonc yn y Cwtch event at Chapter from 6.30pm to 8pm on Mondays and a coffee morning at the Mochyn Du on Tuesdays from 11am to 12noon.


YEAH I forgot to mention Chapter - I’ve never been there myself as I’m alone and i would have no idea what to talk about to people…

Don’t let that put you off. Half the learners that go to any event probably feel the same way.

I don’t things like that always feel a bit like “speed dating” - you feel like you need to talk but it’s such an artificial setting…

I know what you mean but when you’re learning it’s often a bit ‘artificial’ as what you can say is limited.

St Fagans in good - everyone is bilingual
There is a meet-up in yr hen llyfrell wed 1pm
Siop y felin and bodlon in whitchurch
Village hotel mon am about 11


Some more ideas/comments from me.

The cafe at the Hen Lyfrgell had closed for a while but has now reopened, apparently.

Clonc yn y Cwtsh is usually very well attended, and people are very friendly (plus Chapter is lovely). The time is officially 6.30-9.30, but people regularly both arrive and leave later, so it’s much more relaxed than that.

If you go to Caban (which I second), there is a lovely deli/cafe just round the corner (in the courtyard behind the Co-op - the staff in Caban will be able to direct you, I’m sure) - the Canna Deli. Everyone there speaks Welsh (but be warned - some of them are from the north! :wink: The posh ladies’ clothes shop next door, Kiti, is also staffed by Welsh-speakers, if anyone in your party is in the market for a new frock or scarf or whatever :slight_smile:

Another place I’ve heard good things about is Cant a Mil Vintage, but I haven’t been there myself:

Last time I was in there, as well, the staff in Cotswold Outdoors in the middle of town (near St Mary’s Church) were wearing the orange ‘Cymraeg’ badge, and were very happy to serve me in Welsh, should you need … um … some Kendal Mint Cake or something?

I hope you have a lovely visit :slight_smile:


Anyone remember the old cafe in Albany Road out of curiosity? Closed down ages ago but learners used to flock there at weekends to order their bacon and eggs in Welsh. Name was a date. 18?? something I think. Near the junction with Crwys Road.