Last night my husband and I were Presidents for the evening at the local male voice choir’s BBQ where the choir sang together with a visiting mixed choir and they held an auction to raise funds towards the choir’s trip to Ireland in October. We were introduced and then I gave a short speech in Welsh. I started by explaining that I was going to try to speak in Welsh with mistakes of course, I had to pause as everyone cheered! The rest went very well and I finished by saying that I was sure there would be lots of singing, fun and a glass or two of Guinness on the trip. Thanks Aran for that phrase it was absolutely perfect! I had so many compliments I was really chuffed - the dog won’t have to listen to me practising now.

It has been quite a successful few months as I came second in a competition run by the Merched y Wawr to write a thank you email and was presented with the prize at the Gwyl Haf in Machynlleth. The adjudication said that I had made good use of verb tenses and showed an appreciation of the opportunities to learn Welsh. Thank you SSIW! When I took the Mynediad exam in June the Interviewer for the speaking part was the lady who had judged the competition and she told me she recognised my name.

I now need to write a thank you note to the Choir for such a wonderful evening. I’ll get back to doing some lessons soon.



Da iawn! Llongyfarchiadau!



Well done you! I have promised my friend that I will join Merched y Wawr in September, something that I wouldn’t have considered without the fantastic help of Say Something in Welsh to give me confidence. My friend is going to be the new Chairperson and has given me loads of encouragement so I am determined not to let her down! I’ve been a few times and it’s a great opportunity to do that really painful thing - launching into the unknown, in Welsh, with first language Welsh speakers. I felt I did really well, in listening and understanding and speaking and came away each time feeling positive and keen to learn more. I hope you go from strength to strength, and good luck with the course!


Thanks Kate, I am trying to pluck up courage to join Merched y Wawr because I know it would force me get some real practice but I don’t know anyone well enough to go with them, but I will.

Fantastic! Well DONE you, and thank you so much for sharing your success… :sunny:

And @katerobertson - sounds as though you’re doing brilliantly too :star2: