Subscriptions: Confused about what's now possible

By the time I joined SSiW, the “new site” was already in existence, and I’ve only ever downloaded my lessons from it, and that’s where I set up my current £3.95 / month subscription. (I think different options were available in the early days).

Anyway, in what I’ll call the old version of the new site, you used to be able to upgrade your £3.95 subscription to a “polyglot” or multilngual subscription. I’m not seeing that option at the moment.

I don’t currently need it myself (although happy in principle to pay extra in future to boost SSi’s funds when I’m feeling a bit richer), but was about to recommend SSiS to someone who wants to do an audio Spanish course, and I thought a subscription option was available there, but all I can see at the moment is an option to pay a one-off sum, with an offer if you can recommend a friend.

I realise that some Spanish lessons are still available free, but the person I have in mind may be too advanced for the first few lessons, but might get something out of the later ones. Don’t think she’d want to lay out the lump sum though.

It’s possible of course that I’m not seeing the same options as someone who currently doesn’t have a paid subscription.

OK, I’ve got a partial answer now by reading this thread:

That doesn’t quite answer the polyglot plan question. I gather that people who had this under the old scheme will keep it, but is it now closed to new entrants?

Thanks for the heads up - you should still be able to see the polyglot option, so we’ll stick that on our ‘to do’ list.

What’s happening here is a different approach for the Spanish - where the free->subscription model fell flat on its face for us. There will, eventually, be a subscription model for the Spanish, but it will come after completing all the courses, and will be for the listening exercises we’re going to provide.

With Welsh, we’re going to be keeping the subscription model for the immediate future (and people with subscriptions will ALWAYS have full access). If things go okay with the Spanish (and the early signs are promising) then we may test the same approach with Welsh, because our main aim has to be to get as many people as possible learning Welsh - but existing subscribers will ALWAYS keep full access, and existing polyglot subscribers will ALWAYS keep full access to everything in every course.

It isn’t an ideal match for people who want to come in at a later stage of learning - having said that, we know from Bootcamp that it is still worthwhile for intermediate learners to run quickly through all our stuff. One possible answer to that will be to make it possible for existing subscribers to offer £250 vouchers for other courses - ie access to the whole of Level 1 - but that’s not in place right now, I’m afraid.

If your friend is willing to spread the word, though, then I could give you a link for a £100 voucher that would make it possible for her to access the first 10 sessions, and then get the next 15 by sharing - maybe that would be a fair short-term solution?

Diolch Aran. I will enquire.

However, I notice that I seem to be able to access the 1st 10 lessons of the new Level 1 Spanish, although I never explicitly subscribed to it. So I was assuming they were free access to everyone (or at least everyone registered). Or am I able to see them as a kind of bonus for subscribing to the Welsh lessons?

I think I can also see all the existing Dutch, Latin and the Cornish lessons, although not the Spanish Tourist or the Spanish Old Material.

(Maybe I should have kept my mouth shut :slight_smile: ).

Diolch o flaen iiaw.

The final lesson of Welsh level 1 is free too, the 3 previous lessons are subscription. I don’t know if that’s a mistake.

Or am I able to see them as a kind of bonus for subscribing to the Welsh lessons?

Yes, that’s the one…:smile:

Thanks for the heads up, Bríd - that was a hiccup with the settings for 20, 21, 22, probably because we’ve been changing what settings are available - but they’re all meant to be fee to access for now…:smile:

Oh cool ! I thought the final lesson was meant to be subscription too, that that was the mistake. All downloaded now. :slight_smile: Diolch