Subscription question - outside the UK learner

I’m new to the forum so I’m not really sure where to ask this question.
The thing is that I’ve finished listening to the Course1, have learned everything well enough, and I would very much like to continue learning with the Course2 and Course3. Like: VERY much. But, since I have no credit card whatsoever, it seems impossible for me to subscribe. Have you got any solution for my problem? Any other method of payment or anything? Please!

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Well done on getting so far, and thank you for your very kind words!

Hmm. This sort of stuff is a bit tricky for us (we’re a small company, so we need to try and stick to our existing systems as much as possible) - having said that, we hate it when people can’t carry on with their Welsh - so I’m going to tag @iestyn - our CFO - and when he next gets five minutes peace and quiet from his 4 children, he might be able to have some good ideas… :sunny:

In the meantime, do bear in mind that Level 1 is also free - and although there’s some crossover with Course 1, there’s a lot of new stuff in there too…

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Diolch yn fawr,
Yes, I have started also the Level1 (3 challenges done so far) and I shall continue, yet I’m looking forward to seeing if there is any way of allowing me to continue with the Courses. They simply suit me better.
Cofion cynnes


If you have a bank account, you can use PayPal to pay. A credit card is not required to do this.

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Yes, but bank acount has to be “linkable” to PayPal. Not all countries are eligable to have linked bank acount to PayPal. We in Slovenia got that “feature” only in February last year so this is not a possibility for everyone unfortunately.

And if I still remember things correctly, PayPal is not supported for paying SSi subscription unfortunately.


I’ve emailed Iestyn a link to this thread - weekends are pretty crazy for him, but fingers crossed he’ll have time at some point next week… :sunny:

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oes unrhyw beth newydd? Dw i’n mynd i gwpla Challenge 13 heddi ac hoffwn i wybod os galla i gael Course 2 neu Level 2 yn fuan.
Dw i’n gobeithio bo’ fi wedi ysgrifennu’n dda.
Yup, I’m doing the South/Iestyn version. I hope I’ve written it all understandably. :wink:
So, is there anything new in my case?
Hope that I’m not too cheeky, I understand that Iestyn is really busy :blush:
Cofion cynnes

It’s always worth nudging when we don’t get back to you - so don’t worry, not cheeky at all!

I’ll drop Iestyn a note - next week is half-term, so then he’ll be even busier than usual… :scream:

Shw mae, katarzynalabuhn?

Congratulations on your progress - Challenge 13 is over half way through the first course, which is a whole lot of Welsh learnt (i may not feel like it!), and a real ability to speak Welsh developing. Da iawn ti!

There are a few options for people who can’t use our automatic system, but they tend to be a bit messy - for you and for us!

If you have PayPal, we can set up a payment option for you there, or it’s sometimes easy to complete money transfers, at least within the European Union: We could go down that route.

Could you send me a personal message (click on my name, and then on “message” in the box that comes up)? We can see what options are suitable then, without you haveing to describe your personal financial life in public!


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