Subscription link not working?


I am trying to subscribe to the site but when I click the link a message appears saying the page doesn’t exist or has moved…

Just wondering if anyone can help!



Hi Matt, what is the link you click to subscribe?

On the course 2 tab there is information saying the page is a premium content page and at the bottom of this page is a button saying “subscribe now for full access”. After clicking that button I get the page doesn’t exist message.

Thanks for replying Louis

Hmm - I think the best advice I can give you is to send a private message about this to Aran…

Hi Matt - thanks for your message - I’ve passed it on to Ifan, and answered you, so with luck we’ll get this cracked before too long :sunny:

Sorry for the frustration and inconvenience, and thank you very much indeed for your support.

Hi Matt - I’ve found and fixed your problem :slight_smile: You should have an email from me with some more details.

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Does anyone know if there’s a link for subscribing to the premium content in US dollars?

I’ve finished the first 6 lessons and want access to the daily content, but when I try to subscribe I get an error that reads “transaction declined due to invalid data”.
I’ve tried two different credit cards, despite knowing that both are perfectly fine, and I get the same result each time.
My best guess is that the Order page listed in Pounds is somehow messing up the transaction, but I’m open to other suggestions.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Hi Mike - that shouldn’t be the issue (we have plenty of subscribers in the US) but I’m going to flag this up for @Kinetic and hope that he can track down what’s going wrong for you - with luck, we’ll have a fix today :sunny:

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Diolch Aran. Have an excellent day!

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Welcome, Mike!

Fellow US subscriber here. Is it possible that your cards have a fraud hold on them that’s preventing foreign transactions? My account information was compromised by two different hacks, so now they call me if there’s anything unusual, like a new foreign transaction.


Hello Megan!
You’re a genius!! I’m in!

I called my bank, and that was the problem exactly.
They pre-approved and my subscription went right through.

You rock.
Thanks so much!


Fantastic solution, Megan - and thanks for going to the trouble, Mike! :star:

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