Subscription demand out of the blue

I have been really enjoying SSIW, but was a little surprised after level 2, challenge 10, to receive a subscription demand. Don’t get me wrong, I’m really happy to subscribe and I think £3.95 per month is incredibly good value. It’s just the way that the demand came out of the blue (and, if you click ‘No Thanks’, it just reappears). Would it be possible to warn people in earlier challenges that this was coming, or to say something on the website?

Or did I miss something somewhere?

No complaints about the subscription, I’ve now subscribed, just the way it appeared without warning.

Pob hwyl

Hmm - sounds as though we’ve got a little testing to do there, to make sure that it flows more naturally - thanks for the heads up!

I’m a little surprised that it didn’t happen before Challenge 10 of Level 2! Only Level 1 (and the old Course 1) are meant to be available for free - but I must admit we haven’t really though much about the idea of warning people in advance that they’ll get to a paywall eventually - maybe because every time someone’s got in touch about the payment wall before, it’s been to ask where it is, and why they’re getting so much for free! :slight_smile:

But if this is how you felt, it’s how some other people will feel too - so thanks again, and we’ll put some thought into the flow… :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the quick response. I too was surprised at getting so much for free!

Maybe it would be a good idea to explain the payment system up front, or maybe not if it might put people off?

Anyway, incredibly good value!

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Isn’t it only credit card payment available solely without PayPal???

That’s a good idea, thanks - I don’t think it would tend to put people off, except maybe before they’ve even tried a lesson (when it’s not very relevant anyway) - we have over time tended to be a bit lazy with this kind of stuff, because so much of our growth is word-of-mouth, most people coming in have already been told by someone else what the deal is… :slight_smile:

Paywall, not Paypal! I just meant the point at which people need to start paying - which, you’re entirely right, is only via card payment at the moment, although we really must get around to adding Paypal to that again, unfortunately…

Ahh … those "ll"s and what’s more “invisibility” to it always play trickw with my eye …

Unfortunatelly for you, fortunately for me! As you know by now I just love to have my thingys sorted via PayPal although when the card issues occur there can be much troubles just like I had with supporting Saith Seren … :slight_smile: (Just don’t ever put your PayPal donation site off, please. OK?) :slight_smile:

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Your regular generous donations are incredibly kind, Tatjana, and always hugely appreciated… :star: :star2:

I love what SSiW does so here we are. :slight_smile: It’s my pleasure in deed.

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