Struggling a bit

Hi, just reporting that I am battling on with Course 2, currently finishing Lesson 20. I am afraid it has been another two week ‘fight’ to get it to sink in. I did try moving to lesson 21 but I just got more confused and ‘panicky’.

I understand what I have to say, I just can’t seem to say it before Catrin!

On a more positive note, I was able to use most of the patterns in a conversation with my ‘ffrinDiaith’ last week.

Have to say, that this is the first time I have felt that learning Welsh has become hard work!!

But, as they say, “No Pain, No Gain”…

That sounds so familiar Andy! There are definitely some bumps in the road from lesson 18 or so. I’m not sure that I can offer any concrete advice, just a general: I remember it was tough at the time, but persistence really does pay off, and the reward is a few easier lessons a bit further on.

Hang in there and maybe take the pressure off yourself for a bit by going back over a few of the earlier lessons before coming back to these?

S’mae Andy,

The end of course 2 feels like a step change in the lessons, but keep at it, as it is really worth the effort. What you learn from about lesson 17 to the end will give you so much more expressiveness with your Welsh, younwill not believe it.

Pob lwc,


I understand what I have to say,…I was able to use most of the patterns in a conversation with my ‘ffrinDiaith’ last week.

This sounds to me like something else is affecting your “performance”. You kow the material, and acn use it in real life, but there’s something about the lesson which is putting you on edge, or there’s something else that’s bugging you.

One thing that occurs to me - are you getting a bit tense about bootcamp? It’s amazing how things like that can have an effect, and if you are thinking “I must complete this or I will have a terrible time at bootcamp,” then you are stting yourself up for a fall!

Have you tried going back a couple of lessons and just running through them on auto - say 18 and 19 or even 17 18 and 19 (17 is where we introduced bod isn;t it?) You may find that there is something in there that has upset the apple cart, or that gettig the comnfidence from the “run up” helps you to bust lesson 20.

Whatever it is, you know that you are capable of completing lesson 20, because you’ve done the previous um, 55 or so lessons, so don;t worry about it, it will pass. In the meantime, relax and have a laugh at what comes out if you say the first thing that comes into your head for every sentence of lesson 20. It may be genius, ro it may be absolute rubbish - that doesn;t matter. just try it!

Edited to add - looks like other people have had the same experience as you. Always listen to their advice over mine, because they have already done the amazing thing that you are about to do, and have first hand experience to share!

Cheers Steve, Stu, Iestyn, I am glad I am not the only one to have felt the ‘bumpy’ road at the end of Course 2. I have had these difficult patches before, but I have been a little surprised at how long this particular ‘patch’ has been… Last week I did dip back into Course 1, Lessons 25/26, just for a practice and to remember what I have already learned. I know it will be worth it, I am just an impatient sole who wants to get on with it a bit quicker!!!

I think I am a little nervous about Bootcamp, and I definitely have set myself a target of finishing Course 2 (even if not the Vocab) beforehand. I suppose I am putting myself under a bit of pressure to give a good account of myself… I will try ‘backing off’ this target a bit and see what happens…

I have gone backwards and forwards a bit and that has helped so will try one more big run up and then move on!

It always feel a bit self-indulgent coming on here asking for encouragement, but it does mean a lot because I have given up on so many projects in the past. Belonging to SSIW means that this project won’t let go of me… which is down to everyone here!

One of the things that always impresses me about this forum is that whatever the problem there’s always someone who wants to offer a helping hand. Having lent on the support a bit myself recently, it’s a definite pleasure to be able to return the favour.

If it helps at all, the vocab units (“most” of them) are a real treat after the challenges of the later lessons on course 2. I found them really reassuring.

Yep, it gets tough at that point, (or did for me), don’t worry, carry on doing what you are doing.
then relax and enjoy your welsh at bootcamp.
Look forward to what you have to say about the experience.

Cheers J.P.

Glad the vocab units are more of a treat and will definitely take the advice and try and relax and enjoy the Welsh at bootcamp.

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

For what it’s worth, I haven’t got the hang of the last few course 2 lessons yet, but sometimes naughtily sneak in one of the vocab units as a treat. You can always try that if you think it’ll cheer you up, as it does me. Comparisons and feelings, at least, feel much more comfortable than the end of course 2.

I might just try that… Thanks Kev.

And if you aren’t already doing so, try to have some fun in the language.
Have a look through Clic and find some programme that appeals to you … doesn’t matter what … with or without subtitles, English or Welsh subtitles…just enjoy it, and don’t worry if you don’t understand it, or not much of it.

Or find some nice Welsh songs on Youtube or elsewhere.

Languages are not meant to be all about slog, but are also there to be enjoyed.

Thanks Mike, will have a look around for something interesting and Fun!! Good point :slight_smile:

There are two things that happen at the end of Course 2 that make it more challenging - one is that we get properly stuck into mutations, and the other is that we start to open up more and more of the different things that you can build from what you’ve already learnt. Previously, the vast majority of structural stuff is drilled example by example, but by the end of Course 2, you’re getting things thrown at you that you haven’t practised on a one-by-one basis.

I think it’s absolutely usual to feel a bit challenged by the end of Course 2 - but on a brighter note, it’s the five or six lessons which (I think!) take you over the line into being the kind of flexible Welsh speaker who really can deal with unexpected variations in real-time conversations…:slight_smile:

So if it’s hurting a bit, try and be aware that we’re talking about the kind of pain you get in the last three or four miles of a marathon, rather than hitting a wall with 20 miles still to go!..:wink:

That bit of Course 2 feels like a rocket ship – suddenly this huge boost in power, but hard to manage.

I have a vague memory that there’s something slightly different in how northerners speak (and so how you’ve learned something earlier) that gives you a little more to learn at this stage than people doing the southern course. (Aran/Iestyn/others, does this ring any bells?)

I can definitely see that it is going to make the things I am able to say much more flexible. When I talk to my ffrinDiath at the moment we spend ages going around the houses to say what I need too. Good analogy re the rocket ship and the marathon… both ringing loud bells!

Thanks for all the help everyone!


Really happy to have started Lesson 22 this morning! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Good stuff - you’ve broken the back of it, then…:seren:


Many congratulations! Always nice to hear another success story. There’s a moment coming soon where those peskie mutations are going to start feeling really natural. And then there’s the vocab units, which cover so much useful stuff and are so much “easier” than the units you’re going through now. (I think I was pretty worried that every lesson after 18 was going to be a tough one, which is why I harp on so much now about how lovely and relaxed the vocab units are!).

“There’s a moment coming soon where those peskie mutations are going to start feeling really natural.”

Hwrê!!! Each time I mutate correctly I find myself smirking…