Structured courses versus challenges

What would be the difference? What more do you get on the stuctured courses, is the content different from the challenges?

I just happened to see this answer that might be useful to you, to start with:


@Frances if you click on the link in Gisella’s reply above, you’ll see the information formatted in a clearer fashion, and it may fully answer your questions, but if you’d like to know more, I can give more detail.

I guess one of the key points about the structured courses that is not mentioned is the camaraderie and support from fellow learners that you get through the Slack online platform. You ‘meet’ online people that are going through at the same stage as you, share experiences, encourage each other, and practise your Welsh with each other. We have people that started out by exchanging simple sentences that they created with each other and are now reading Welsh novels together online!

Doing the challenges on your own is fine for some people who can use this forum for asking questions, and the free Welsh Speaking Practice Slack platform for video chats and group hangouts, but many people do find that they enjoy the variety they get with the supplementary tasks and the chance to join an online community.


What’s the slack video platform for practice then? Where do I access that? Thanks

Thanks for your reply by the way.

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This thread should fill in some info for you about the Slack platform - Finding practice partners - a new resource - please share


And a quick answer if you would like to try it out is to send an email to with WSP as the subject line and you’ll receive an invitation to join. It’s open and free to anyone who wants to practise Welsh.


Thank you Dee! I will be doing that!