Stephen Krashen

This is something for people who like to read about, hear about, talk about … language learning in general, and not specifically Welsh.

The name Alexander Arguelles came up recently in a discussion the other day. Something yesterday reminded me of another interesting linguist, namely Stephen Krashen. Over the years, I think he’s been regarded as somewhat controversial, although I think nowadays, a lot of his ideas have been accepted more widely, and I get the impression he’s now a bit of a (as we say in England) “national treasure”). He’s certainly very entertaining, as well as erudite.

I’d be surprised if his name hasn’t come up before on this forum, although I can’t remember it having done so recently. Here is one of the YT videos featuring him speaking, in 2015:

There are plenty more out there, but I’ll leave those who may be interested to find them for themselves.

His website:


He was mentioned in this post in 2016 Interesting day in Cambridge yesterday.


My, that was a blast from the past! :slight_smile:

Meanwhile, some Krashen quotes:

Edit: a few more:

(Aran would agree with at least a couple of those, I think).


I watched the video, and I can’t decide if it’s more interesting or more entertaining! :smiley:

I really like his style and attitude. I have to admit I can also relate more to him than to the high academic universe of Alexander Arguelles - even though I did appreciate some of his tips and…utmost respect for practicing his shadowing technique in the park like that! :grin:

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