St. Dwynwen--the Welsh answer to St. Valentine

Oh, I have heard many limericks from the competitions in y babell len, so I imagined you in there! I am hopeless and offer only:-
There was a young lady from Chirk
Who woke up one day with a jerk.
“It’s Gwyl Dwynwen she sighed
But last night I cried!
My Cariad can’t get off work!”

There was a young soldier from Neath
Training on wild windswept heath.
But his mind at his work
Was on his girl from Chirk
And his own inconsolable grief!


Wow, how clever to work in the Welsh too. I loved these!

Dilch yn fawr,

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This year’s poetry challenge for lovers at the Vancouver Welsh Society’s St. Dwynwyn’s celebration was to work in either Rhyl or Brecon.

My efforts included:

A smashing young woman from Brecon,
Was virtuous too, so they reckon.
She just liked to flirt,
So wore a short skirt,
‘To keep cool’ she said, ‘not to beckon!’

I once met a dentist from Rhyl,
Who seemed out for a bit of a thrill.
So when we went to the heath,
I took out my teeth,
But from there it all went down hill.

Any advances on these? Brecon is particularly tricky :joy: