St David's Day Presentation, Builth

Not actually on the day itself, but the evening after - Monday 2nd March.

English first, then Welsh below (normal order reversed out of respect for forum conventions).

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Wow! I think that may have changed my life!

Learning about Carnhuanawc, who I was only really vaguely aware of before in a general ‘local boy made good’ sense, has given me a completely different perspective on Wales and the building of modern nationhood during the late 18th and early 19th centuries. And Thomas Price is the figure that ties together all of it from Iolo Morganwg through Bishop Thomas Burgess to Charlotte Guest and Augusta Hall. He even gets a (gratifyingly unfavourable) mention in the Blue Books.

As one of my friends said afterwards, “Boys, there’s a feature film in this!”


I’ve been to a few of the Carnhuanawc Society talks in the Cardiff area. They were mostly above my head as I was still quite a new Welsh learner at the time, but they certainly seemed interesting and worth going to even if you only get the gist of it.

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