St. David's Day meal at the Longbow, 4:30 p. on Sunday, 3/1 (NYC Metro Area)?

Hi all,

Longbow, somewhat inconveniently located in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, is having it’s annual St. David’s Day menu again, which falls on a Sunday this year. @BillSchaffer, @JoanAlciati and myself are planning on attending. Any of you other folks interested?

Dinner menu is available at 5p, but we made reservations for 4:30 p.m. and will drink and sgwrs til 5p. Our reservations are for 4 people (there are only 3 of us, so no problem if anyone wants to join in, and we can always add more!).

Special menu taken from Longbow’s Facebook page:

We’ll be taking reservations for St David’s Day starting tomorrow! On
the menu - Cawl, Welsh cheese board, lamb with roasted potatoes and peas
& onions, and of course, Welsh cakes with lemon curd for dessert!
There’s a limited amount of Tomos Watkin’s OSB but we will have plenty
of Penderyn - Welsh Whisky on hand!

cc: @Kinetic @simonowenwilliams @atomic_newt @joanalciati @lisa_3 @john_charles_faubion @abrahamsummers

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Sorry–won’t be able to make this–but have an awesome time! :slight_smile:

Sorry I couldn’t make it - really disappointed to have missed it, the menu looks like it was awesome. I haven’t been feeling very well for the last few days, and the relatively-long journey seemed like a bit too much. Hope you had a great time!

Joanne, Bill and I enjoyed a great Welsh feast. The weather was quite the challenge in getting there and back home, but we had a nice visit. Hope others will join us next time!

Hope you are feeling better, Ivan.Maybe we could arrange another meet up soonish at Fraunces? I wanted to upload a couple of pics from Sunday from my mobile, but I don’t know how.

Hi all - I’m coming to the end of the introductory course and was wondering if there were still any regular meetups in the NYC metro area? I’m also more than happy to meet one-on-one to practice welsh perhaps while grabbing coffee if that’s easier for anyone.

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I know there are meetups in Washington DC. @tahl has the info on those and is likely to know if there is anything coming up in the NYC area as well, or perhaps @atomic_newt ?

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More like highly irregular NY meetups!! :smile: Actually it was @joanie who used to bravely take on the task of corralling the few of us in the NY Metro area and getting us to commit to a place/time! :slight_smile: Not sure if she’s been on the forum recently (I’m pretty sporadic myself!)

@Rdec–I’m not sure who knows about it/is going because the thread is a little quiet but did you see this? Short notice I know, but you might even find some new people there tonight! And whereabouts are you? Are you in Manhattan? Outer boroughs? The NY group is pretty scattered so you might find one of us close to you to grab coffee sometime if we don’t actually have an official meetup! :smile:

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I would loooove to hear of people going to the Times Square flash mob at 7pm tonight – especially if those people took video! Apparently various media are interested in such . . .

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[quote=“atomic_newt, post:8, topic:2024”]
More like highly irregular NY meetups!!
[/quote] LOL!

@atomic_newt is so right. You are likely to find one of us reasonably close to where you live/work/visit. Our small little group represents Manhattan, Brooklyn, LI, and Westchester. :smile:

We should try and do something before the snow hits, although my life is about to get a lot more busy (gobeithio). We’re on track to mabwysiadu (thanks for the vocab word, Pobol y Cwm) bachgen bach wythnos 'ma.


Llongyfarchiadau!! That is wonderful! (I admit I had to look up mabwysiadu; no Pobol y Cwm here :slight_smile: )

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Diolch! :smile:

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Oh wow! Llongyfarchiadau! Newyddion gwych!

We will really have to get a family bootcamp organised sometime so he can come and meet the next generation of SSiWers!

Diolch @dee :smile: He is of Afro-Caribbean descent, but in addition to honoring his cultural roots, I am already plotting to give Welsh a go with him, hehe.


We went a fairly long way down that route (to the point of starting matching) before Catrin decided to have Angharad Lliar instead…:wink:

Wishing you all the very, very best - adopters are some of the most fantastic people on the face of the planet… :star: :star2:

Thanks for the kind (and empathetic) words. We have him with us since Thursday now, it is completely surreal.


Brilliant! How old is he?