SSiWer on Dal Ati!

Just watching the new “Dal Ati” programme on S4C, to find one of our forum members being interviewed by a panel of 3 presenters.

And she attended June Bootcamp this year too!

Da iawn ti Margaret Nock!

Got these programmes recorded and will watch them over the next few days. I am really looking forwards to the piece with Margaret!


I’d forgotten all about it until Gavin reminded me. Me, on the telly, what was that about? Oh yes, Dysgwyr Y Flwyddyn, back in May. I’m probably first in the programme because I was first to be interviewed. They sent a message asking which interview slot I wanted and as part of my philosphy of life is “Say Yes, Go First”, I asked for the first slot. It meant I wouldn’t hang around all day getting more and more nervous.

They cut the bit I said about SSIW and Bootcamp and, probably, Memrise.

Well done Margaret, I really enjoyed it!

psst, Louis - how do you watch s4c overseas? :slight_smile:

ummm errrr … I use a (paid) vpn service called expressvpn, but there are others like tunnelbear which has a free service (as well as a few paid options)

And there is of course The Onion Router, but that tends to be a tad slow…

Did anyone catch Elizabeth Corbett on Dal Ati today? About 31:10 into the programme on Clic. It was a rerun of a Hwb clip from 2012, but still good to see. Da iawn Liz!!

You can watch it via S4C clic in England, not sure about abroad though.

It was a surprise to me! First I heard of it was on Facebook. :slight_smile: Ah, wel. I don’t seem to be able to get dal ati on YouTube. Can’t wait to watch it when I come for an extended stay next year. :smile:

Definitely not abroad, Jan. :frowning:

Another chance to see, Dee - who sends out the weekly newsletter - on todays repeat showing.

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And here I am writing the first newsletter for the year and I looked to see who was the SSiWer on Dal Ati having no idea that it was me! I’d better watch and see what I say :smile:


Wastad yn braf iawn cael gwrando arnat ti’n siarad, Dee, ac yn bod mor glen am SSiW fel bob tro - diolch yn fawr iawn i ti :sunny:

Ond mae isio i ti wrando ar ymarferion cyflym acen y Gogledd, 'ndoes?!..:wink:

Look forward to seeing you on there Dee! Missed quite a few Dal Ati’s recently, so your spot gives me just the hwb I need! : -)

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Yes, Aran, I had better listen to some of the northern sped up listening practices to help with my understanding of the Gog accent. It was hilarious that filming day as the cameraman was from north Wales and I literally didn’t understand a word he said. I had to guess a lot but I didn’t confess that I didn’t understand until that point in the interview. It was funny to watch his face when he realised, and Owen who was prompting me with questions was laughing.
If anyone else gets asked to do a spot like that with the guys from Fflic never turn it down. They are great at putting you at ease and I ended up really enjoying myself.


I saw you on there Dee ! You were great :wink:

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Former Bootcamper, Wynne Evans, was on todays show. Warning: Nia sings in this show - She has many talents but…well, not singing.

Didn’t she sing regularly on the ‘Hwb Bach’ section of Hwb as well??

Thanks for the tip about Tunnelbear. Works a treat and am now able to see some S4C here in Spain.

We’d be very grateful if people could not discuss ways to avoid licence restrictions on the forum - it’s the kind of thing that could potentially cause problems for us, as well as for the individuals who are open about how they’re accessing material:

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