SSIW business cards

Are these still available?..getting fed-up of handing over notes written on scrap paper, napkins and discarded rail tickets.

Didn’t there used to be a SSIW store on the website?

Funny you should say that Hywel because I had lost track of it as well, but someone ( @tatjana I’m almost sure) posted a link to it the other day:


OK, here they are on exactly this link Business cards!

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I actually have quite a supply of SSiW business cards still available. If people want to send me a message through the forum with their name, address and how many business cards they would like I can send them for the cost of postage :sunny:


I’d like to take a stack of SSIW business cards to NAFOW, but the Zazzle price ($23 plus shipping for 100 cards) seems crazy-high to me. Does anybody have a template for printing them through Vistaprint or another service?

Did you miss the post above yours from @Deborah-SSi? Or you had some “talks” about subject already. :slight_smile:

Vistaprint do have the template - that’s who I used to get a heap of them printed off in the past. It looks like the image is loaded as but that’s in my image folder in, so not sure if you can access it. Or I could look on my old laptop and see if I have the original image there.

I still have a load of business cards though. I could find out how much it would cost to post some over.

Thanks, no, I saw Dee’s nice offer – but since I’m on the other side of the Atlantic, it would probably make more sense for me to make some here in the US than for her to post them. :slight_smile:

Dee, I’ll see if I can access the image, and if there’s a way for me to use it here.

Actually . . . Dee, will you see if (the US site) will let you access your card image? If so, you could probably place an order for delivery to me, and I could reimburse you by Paypal.

OK, I didn’t think it would work, but I found I have another account on the US site and the SSiW business card is there! PM me your details Diane - postal address and how many you want to order and I’ll get that done for you.


I have shared the language cards to local businesses and groups and ofc interested people

However the link on the card is no longer


Could this be important for search results/ website search errors?

Well, the old link does actually still work, and re-directs to with a Welsh flavour (well, it does for me).

Bendigedig…You have allayed my fears :smiley:

Mine too! :smile:

Dee – The business cards through Vistaprint arrived and look great. They’re much nicer than the home-printed ones I had before. :slight_smile:


And I still tend to tell people to go to as it’s easier for them to remember if I don’t happen to have a card on me, and I’ve checked in the past to make sure it redirects to the right place.


You’ll have to make sure you get photos of the stand and the SSiWers volunteering there. It sounds like it’s going to be a great event!


Maybe an excuse for someone to get in touch with “Taror Post” (or something else similar, and maybe set up a Skype interview … ? ).