SSiW Annual Party - Eisteddfod week!

Just a quick message to remind everyone who’s interested, that following a discussion on the forum earlier in the year, we decided to move the annual SSiW party to August and to coincide with the Eisteddfod week.

Lack of post Christmas funds and bad weather has meant that attending the SSiW Birthday Party in January has been difficult for many, especially those overseas. So a decision was made to have an annual party during the Eisteddfod week - this also makes matters much simpler for many, when it comes to arranging to have time off work. :smile:

Details of the party will be on the forum early in 2015. :smile:



I must have missed out on the whole discussion but I think it’s an excellent idea :sunny:


Diolch Huw! Don’t worry about missing out on the discussion, it’s been here and there in various random threads, but the response always seemed good whenever the idea was mentioned so we thought we’d just go for it and give it a go.

January / February have always been tricky weather wise and a bit of a strain on people’s finances so soon after the festive season, also this year there were so many complications and let downs by the venue that we thought it time to start exploring other options.

The most obvious choice to start experimenting with was holding an event during the Eisteddfod week. Knowing that so many learners already attend the festival, especially those from overseas and that there’s already a fabulous atmosphere with old friends meeting up and new ones getting to know each other, we thought we’d take the opportunity to make the most of this festive week and see how it went. Lets hope we can throw a great little party together!

I know that the time of year and location is not going to suit everyone, but neither did the Jan/Feb party in Aberystwyth, so time for a little change of time and venue and see what comes of it. :smile:

Thanks for your enthusiasm gyfaill. x


I hope the change works because with the Eisteddfod coming to Monmouthshire in 2016 there will be a chance to give SSiW a real boost in this somewhat Anglicised county.
I am sure that space would be nade for SSiW in Maes D which is hopefully being organised by the Welsh for Adults Department of Coleg Gwent.

Don’t worry Hewrop - I missed the discussion too :blush:

So this means that the thread about sharing accommodation during the Eisteddfod week could become extra important, or am I incorrect in assuming that the party will be held somewhere near the Eisteddfod?

Yes, I missed this too and Dee and I were talking about not knowing what was happening this year just a couple of days ago.

Yes Dee, you’re absolutely right, the party will be in the Eisteddfod vicinity. :slight_smile:

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Looking forward to more details emerging as the months go on. We go on holiday on Monday 3 August, so if it’s on the weekend of 1st and 2nd, we might be able to make it.

Just to go completely against what David has just said … If the party happens to be during the LAST weekend we may be able to make it. Our holiday runs Friday to Friday and so finishes on the last Friday of the eisteddfod. So if it’s on a weekend you will get either David and husband or me and my wife but not all 4. :disappointed:

There will be other parties. :+1:

:slight_smile: I’m sure you’ll enjoy Gruntius’s company more than mine… he speaks a heck of a lot more Welsh than me!

I’m afraid that the party won’t be on the last Friday or Saturday as our cottage booking for the Eisteddfod is Friday to Friday the same as yours Geraint. Also there’s a big gig on the Maes on the Friday night (I’ve heard that Geraint Jarman is headlining). It also won’t be on the Wednesday night as that’s Dysgwyr y Flwyddyn night.

I’m just waiting to hear from the Eisteddfod office with confirmation on who has the catering contracts this year - they’ve promised to email me this week - I’m hoping we’ll be able to have our party on the Maes itself. Updates as soon as I have them. :wink:


Gutted, but at least I can still look forward to bootcamp in just over 11 weeks. :wink:


I gather from Googling it that the Eisteddfod is in Meifod this year. I’m guessing this will mean that a SSiW party will be around this area. I don’t have a car so I’ll be dependent on trains and buses, is it easy to reach? Diolch.

Yeah, fairly - not far from y Trallwng at all (Welshpool).

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S’mae david?

Solihull & Dorridge SSiW Group will be mounting an expedition to the Eisteddfod again this year. I can let you know the details once we know them (which day(s), overnight stays, and so on), but lifts will be available, I’m sure. Hopefully, we will coincide with the party night!




Thanks @aran and @essenbee, this is very useful information. Once dates and venues are known then we’ll be able to start making arrangements! Yay!

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We have booked a week in self catering near Meifod for Eisteddfodd week (saturday - saturday) so should be able to get along to whatever is arranged.


So, do we have dates and details for the party yet?

Not yet I’m afraid.

The Eisteddfod took their time in announcing which company had been awarded the catering contract! It’s then been quite a slow (sludging through mud) process of getting names and phone numbers.

I’ve been told by the catering company that organising an evening event shouldn’t be a problem. But need to speak directly the person within the catering company who’s responsible for organising and booking events. It’s been difficult to get hold of her, even on her mobile number, as she always seems to be busy with other events. I’m now hoping to speak to her either later today or tomorrow morning… we’ll get there! :wink: