SSi - state of play, April 2017

Arghgghgh… yikes, can’t believe it’s mid-April already!

Please imagine you read this about a fortnight ago…:wink:

Currently available material:

As last month, hnghgggnngghg.

We’ve had some hefty extra pieces of work on the SSiBorg, and we’ve also been in the middle of major work on the chalet where I try to find room for my desk.

All of which has kind of blindsided us over the last month or so.


We’re currently hoping to be recording again next week - and that means if we don’t release new lessons that week, it will be the week after.

And from that point on, we’ve got the spring flowering that I’ve been talking about - lots of new material coming at you faster than ever before…:slight_smile:

Coming next

The spring flowering is going to be a principally Welsh thing.

We’ve identified one more key switch to the course creation tool before we do our next round of building - and that may mean another 3 months or so. It’s a tricky decision - I’d love to push ahead and produce a bunch of new stuff right now - but I think it’s the right decision, because I think the quality of the new courses will be significantly better once we’ve solved this workaround.

So we might have a summer flowering for other languages… :slight_smile:


We’ve now sold out 2 commercial 5 day super intensives - one in May and one in June. The interest levels and the results have both been beyond our expectations, and this has huge implications for us as a company.

We’re currently doing the ground work for a very high ticket Spanish 5 day event in Los Angeles, and as we get a clearer handle on the flow of information that people need about this approach to make a decision, we’re hoping to start running Welsh 5DSIs in Cardiff and London - and possibly Llandysul - and maybe even overseas.

Next steps

Getting 5DSIs happening regularly in Welsh and Spanish.

Producing courses in more languages - with video versions of the lessons for us to share on YouTube.

We’re still waiting for firm proposals for our involvement with the new Cambridge Leadership College.

We’re still waiting for final confirmation before starting to build some specific GCSE support materials.

Other stuff

I’m still squeezing out bits of time here and there to carry on with the ‘How to use SSi’ book - it’s turning into something a little larger than I originally intended…:wink:


One last round of serious patience before we start spreading our wings into other languages - but a spring flowering for Welsh any second now… :slight_smile:

Overall mood

Increasingly confident. The 5DSI model looks like the beginning of a genuine strategy for growth that will finally allow us to invest more in Welsh (and in all our core structures).


I don’t think I’ve been paying attention recently: what’s the 5DSI model and do you have any promotional literature for it?

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Good luck with it all. :slight_smile:

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I’m fairly certain that it’s the five day super intensive course. If you search above right you will see the original post and a link to the FB page. :slight_smile:


Ah, yes - still so brand spanking new that we don’t have a lot of neat stuff built around it - but yes, as John says, the 5 Day Super Intensive model that we’ve been testing - we need to start building out a proper set of promotional material for it - everything so far has just been fairly brief explanatory posts in Facebook, really… in due course, it will be one of the main options on our home page for each language where it’s available… :slight_smile:

Diolch yn fawr iawn i ti, Fran! :slight_smile:


I forgot to wish you every success with the intensive courses, Aran. It’s great to hear how they are going.

I did wonder for a second if you were taking us all abroad on trial motorcycles, but then realised that I was getting confused with the ISDT (International Six Day Trials) :wink:

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Can’t wait to see all the new products, and SO happy that things seem to be really “blossoming” for you. (couldn’t resist :wink:) Seriously, though, I know how hard it is to make a go of your own business, so it’s lovely to see SSiW thriving! One day, I’m going to make it for one of your bootcamps or 5DSIs.


Ooh, that’s an intriguing idea…:wink:

It’ll be a pleasure to see you there… :slight_smile:

And thank you both so much for your lovely words… :slight_smile:


Did you forget about this @aran? This seams quite good explanation to me. And all other info (for all those interested and who don’t know) is here on this FB page.

Oh, and I see here’s a new page for London event(s)

Depends of how things go in the future I will probably implement links into my list of useful things.

And, good luck with everything but I believe more progressing reports we’d be probably be able to read in next month’s post. So, I’m looking for Mai/June reports …

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Does this mean Level Three south will become available soon?

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We’re hoping so, yes - there is a little bit more coding to do specifically for L3 south, but with good luck and a following wind, that should be done this week - at which point, work can start on L3 south, and the new, smaller cycle from translate->build->record->publish should mean that some L3 south lessons come out fairly soon afterwards… :slight_smile:


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