SSi online vs SSi App

Hello, I would like to know if I suscribe to an account online, will I then get access to the advanced level material on the App as well? How will the app know I have suscribed?

Thank you.

If you subscribe online, you will have access on the app as well. For the iPhone/iPad app, you log to your account in the app and that’s how it knows your status. I don’t have any experience with the Android app but I expect it is the same process. Hope that helps~

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Hi Eric - we’re step by step with this at the moment - are you on an iPhone or Android?

Yes, same thing for Android. Enter the user details you’ve used online and you’ll get any member only content

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Hello Aran,

I am on android. The app works great by the way. Just want to make sure I can utilize the app once I suscribe as this is my primary means to connect to SSi.


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