Spoken Welsh on the Web, not Radio Cymru

My husband listens to English language audio books all the time. Are there Welsh equivalents out there? I’m not a great TV fan and would like to be able to do other things at the same time and although Radio Cymru does it’s best I’m afraid Tomo, rugby and loud music don’t do it for me. There are things I enjoy, Beti a’i Phobol and Pigion are good, I just want more variety I suppose.

There’s not much in the way of audio books that I’ve found, and they tend to be relatively literary rather than ‘fun fiction,’ sad to say.

There is Straeon Cymru, which is a CD of 10 short Welsh folk tales. Not exactly an audio book, but good fun.



I know that there are plenty of audio books available on CD Margaret. I have no idea if any of these are available as mp3 files at all.