Spoiler Alert! Sgwrs 18 (Advanced Content)

A new Sgwrs is up! I’ve put it as 18 and before 19 as I skipped 18 last time - hope that doesn’t cause problems!
Tip offs - young people and voting, Llanrwst eisteddfod and marathon running!


My goodness, what an inspiration! And yes, great clarity of speech.

I managed to pick up on all the topics (without having seen your hints here, Beca). Read the trawsgriff pretty easily despite the specialist vocab ( a lot of which was workable out either from context or from the root words) and then best of all understood more again on second cluster. Hurrah!

(By the way, are you the Beca he refers to towards the start?)


Excellent stuff! And yes… that’s me!

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Ok so that was a bit of a reality check for me.

There was a lot of specialist vocab - useful vocab - politics, elections, voting, assemblies etc, etc…all good stuff.

For me there was also a whole bunch of new words and ways to say things I would say differently. Aaron Wynn seemed to be speaking clearly and fluently - not in a ‘posh’ or ‘affected’ way as far as I could tell…but I have just had a slog through the transcript which has scribbles all over it…different dialect, different style of speaking - I don’t know - quite a few words I do know used in ways I’ve not seen before too.

So I think I’m going to have to put that one down to experience :smile: and possibly try to learn some of those variants as a bit of a boost for the future.

It’s a funny old thing this learning-a-language business! :wink:

Rich :slight_smile:


There are so many dialects across the north, there is this idea that we have just the north and south accents and dialects, but it’s just not the case. Aaron is Llanrwst born and bred, and there are different ways of saying things over there…


I don’t know where Catrin is from, but i know she is the one who sounds most like my (largely Sir Fon) family.


Catrin is a mix of western Gog I think!