Speed of listening exercises

I did South, so it’s good it matches! :smiley:
Thanks, I’m taking note of this and the book - reading is definitely another thing I’ll need to practice because it’s really hard for me to translate what I see into sounds (and meanings).

However, I might stick to songs for a while: I can listen to them over and over too, and read the lyrics at the same time and then translate them to add some vocabulary.
I have the impression that too many things at the same time is going to be a bit confusing, for now!


Really? :thinking: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well, I’m curious about languages in general and try to get a glimpse of any, if I get the chance. But it’s usually just a glimpse, unless it’s a language I need for some practical reason.
But, just like everybody around me here say, to be honest, Welsh is really unnecessary to me! :smiley:
And I wasn’t even looking for a new hobby because I have even too many things to do already.

So I took this as a challenge, and quite proud of how it’s going, but I really have to do anything I can to keep my motivation, enjoyment and connection with this “world” high (and definitely the forum does help a lot).


… enthusiasm and positivity is highly infectious…it’s great to have you on the forum @gisella-albertini !

:smile: :smile:



:grin: :blush:

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Hello, what slider? I am using the Android app and the only controls are restart and go back/forward 15 seconds. Thanks.

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Hi @mandy-shaw

Actually i found out after that post - which seems such a long time ago :grin: - that you are not supposed to use the slider - which as you say - is only on the iPhone anyway.

The listening exercises are supposed to be that quick - which initially is a big surprise! - if you let them wash over you, without worrying about trying to understand what is said (repeatedly) - your brain actually starts to process it.

This is another one of those things - like the SSIW method - which seems counter intuitive / very surprising to start with - but just roll with it!

Rich :slightly_smiling_face: