Special WSP hangout for S4C filming - 18th June

So as part of the Final Round of Dysgwr Y Flwyddyn/Welsh Learner of the Year 2018, S4C will be coming to Aberystwyth to film a mini documentary on me (they will be filming about 10-15 minutes for every one of us in the final) to go out as part of a special edition of “Dal Ati” the week before the Eisteddfodd in August.

They want to film me running a WSP (welshspeakingpractice.slack.com) hangout on the community. They will be using video cameras only rather than screen capture, but being part of the hangout means they might record your voice and video as part of the ambient microphones etc - but my understanding is they’ll be filming me rather than filming you - so don’t worry if anyone is shy - this may even end up just being a bit where they only use the video, and have me talking over it - I’m not sure.

I would love to see some SSIW people if you’re around - it’ll be a kind of guided hangout that will follow how I’ve been running the Beginners Hangouts (i.e find out everyone’s names at the start, ask some questions, get people speaking etc) - but they really just want to get an idea of what I’ve been doing there, and what it actually does.

It’s going to be on Monday 18th June and the time I’m lead to believe will be 1pm to 2pm however due to the nature of how filming works, this might become slightly earlier or slightly later.

Please don’t book time off work or anything for this, as I’m not sure if this part will be 5 seconds in the documentary or 5 minutes, but if you are about on the day and fancy a chat - do join.

There is an event reminder/scheduler in the WSP community calendar if anyone does want in.

Thanks All!



Exciting! Pob lwc. If you think you might be short of participants on that Monday afternoon, just let me know how to join/rejoin Slack and the WSP hangout.


Hello Huw. As always, you are a kind fellow and a gent!

I’ll DM you because I have the ability to invite people in.

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I’m home those days (If I remember correctly) so I might join unless you prefer people from Wales and the beginners really (not that I’m much more than that though. :slight_smile: )


For anyone interested. S4C have asked me to move this a bit earlier to 1pm. Same day but a bit earlier

I’ve amended my diary, I’ve also got my tablet back and am hoping to test out my Hangouts setup before then.

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For now I’m at it …:slight_smile: adapted.

Sorry I don’t understand. Do you mean you’re in a WSP hangout now? I can’t see any mention on Slack WSP.

Hi Huw.

No, just the original Monday afternoon one. This has changed from the original 3pm to a new time.of 1pm at the behest of S4C :slight_smile:

I’ve modified the original event :slight_smile:

Sorry @Nicky my reply was to @tatjana (I assumed that there would be a little arrow sowing who I was replying to, but maybe that doesn’t apply if you’re replying to the message immediately above??). I’m all clear about the amended DyB hangout time, thanks.

If Tatjana was in a WSP hangout, I was going to ask her for a link to see if I had resolved my sound problems…

Beth Bynnag. I’m grateful for your PM offer, Nicky, and will reply shortly.

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No, @HuwJones, sorry. My awkward reply. I just wanted to say that for now I think I’ll manage to be there when the time comes. I am aiming to be at home on one week holidays so hopefully I’ll manage to be present.

Sorry for the mess I’ve caused once again. :slight_smile:

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Not at all @tatjana. There was no mess - just useful clarification, and my failure to understand was equally or more to blame for any confusion. :smile:

So, on slack says 1:50 - 3:00 pm this is UK time, right? That means it’s at 2:50 for me what just suits me. If I’m wrong, correct me, please while there’s still time for that?

I’m asking because I actually don’t know dies Slack adapt the time for one’s area automatically or I have to calculate it myself. If it adapts than in about an hour and a half the hangout is starting if not I still have 2,5 (approximately) hours to disposal.

I’m pretty sure slack adapts the time for you, so it should be 1:50 - 3:00 pm your time :slight_smile:

Slack generally puts the time of an event into your local time zone for you, so you should go with what it’s showing you.

EDIT: Ah, @Novem just beat me to it :slight_smile:

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Yes and I’ve said [quote=“dee, post:16, topic:12612”]
I actually don’t know dies Slack …

instead of “I actually don’t know does Slack …”

owow …

Thank you ot both, @Novem and @Deborah-SSi. So about an hour+ to go. Great! Now i have to search for my SSiW shirt. :slight_smile:

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Hi All,

Apologies for the quick switch-a-roo this morning.

S4C had sent me a timetable with a 12:50 Hangout time, however on arrival this morning - they had changed that plan again and essentially had a sort of “We need to do the hangout at 12:20, otherwise we cannot film it”

So unfortunately I had to start it a bit earlier.

I’m very sorry to anyone who did not get in, I’m just as frustrated as you are, probably more - because we didn’t get as many as we would’ve if it happened at the scheduled time - but with TV… unfortunately, everything can change at a moment’s notice.

Once again very sorry if you missed it because of this change, so sorry!

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