Speak Welsh for money in Newport this weekend!

Sorry … clickbait headline … but there could be money involved!

With my professional hat on (Swyddog Cymraeg Byd Busnes) I’m running a competition in Newport on 13, 14, 15 October to promote Diwrnod Shwmae Su’mae. Full details of how to take part are online at www.mentercasnewydd.shwmae/html, but the basic rules are this:

  • Go into a participating business (full list online)
  • Say “Shwmae” (or “bore da” or any other Welsh greeting that takes your fancy)
  • Receive a sticker
  • Collect 10 different stickers then send them in to me
  • We’ll pick a name at random from all the valid entries to receive a £100 shopping voucher

It would be particularly fantastic to get lots of people taking part because it would really help me to persuade the businesses of Newport of the power of the Welsh(-speaking) pound. Plus, you get to visit some of the quirky independent businesses of Newport and practise your Welsh. Win-win!


Hi Sara

This is a great idea. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a few stickers. :grinning:

The link above wasn’t working for me. I think it should be this:


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Do these outlets all have Welsh speakers or are they just willing to be bait for such a fantastic idea?

Unfortunately no Welsh speakers - but a lot of good will and the willingness to have a go! Perhaps if they’re flooded with Welsh-speakers over the weekend they’ll think about learning themselves? :wink:


That’s the one - thanks, Ade!