Spanish welsh meet ups?

Hey everyone- I speak good spanish (albeit with the less complex south american grammar and pronounication habits)- I was wondering if any welsh speakers here- wanted to meet and exchange tips? practice- I am learning the north but based in caerphilly/valleys/cardiff- if you speak south you’ll have to promise not to bamboozle me!

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At one point there was a group up in Manchester doing ‘some stuff in Spanish and some stuff in Welsh’ meets up - @ianblandford would know if that’s still happening (just as a matter of interest).

@Deborah-SSi - might be an interesting post for the next email?

Hi Chris,

I speak Welsh and have been learning Spanish with SISS. I live in Cardiff but parents live in Penpedairheol so often up that way. Would be happy to meet up for us to practice.


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Yes, the Spanish group is still going although we’ve missed the last two months because of holidays and such,

The Welsh group sit on the table next to us, I can just about manage the change between the two, although many words get stuck in the other language when I try alternating between the two.

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shame you are in Manchester Ian- yes Dai, I will be happy to meet up sometime, with yourself or others, for sure.


I am planning to do SSIS intensively soonish so would love to meet up with you both at some point later in the year

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