Spanish Level 2 - Log of progress

I know there have been a couple of threads about Level 2 but I wanted to start a thread about my progress. I hope this is ok.

I’m through challenge 7 today and found it rather tough. I’m hearing a fair bit of Level 1 mixed in the challenges so far and wanted to ask if anyone thinks that it would be beneficial to go back to level 1 challenge 25 every so often?

How is level 2 going for everyone?


Yes, do 25 now and again.

I’ve found level 2 a set up in gear. A little bit faster, several idioms that don’t translate literally (asi son los hijos!) and the extra forms for they, us, you informal. You may find it a bit tougher than level 1.

However, I’ve found that now Level 1 is too slow and too simple, so it’s clearly working its magic.

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Thanks @ianblandford, how are your conversations coming along with what you have learned? I am beginning to feel more comfortable.

Have you heard if there will be a level 3?

I’ve not had many chances but I find they don’t take too much effort to produce. Although, as I’ve been through all this before with Welsh I’m a lot less shy about just jumping in.

I believe there will be a level 3. But when you run out of lessons, give the tourist course a try.

It’s always an excellent idea to do a progress log - I regularly see it lead to greater success, just because of the accountability it leads to :sunny:

It’s less important to revisit the last lesson or two of the previous course with the new material, because as you’ve already noticed, we do that for you in the course of the next level - but having said that, no harm at all in running through 25 now and again.

Yes, Level 3 will be in the construction shop before too much longer… certainly before the end of the year, although how fast we’ll be able to go from construction to publication will depend a bit on things like the growth club and managing to find more Spanish learners :sunny:

Just wanted to touch base. I’m on Level 16 and it all seems to be working just fine. I’ve been having regular conversations with native speakers and I am increasing my vocabulary no doubt due to the structure of these challenges.

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Fantastic - there’s nothing more important than that - sounds as though you’re doing brilliantly :star: :star2:

touching base again on my progress. I finished level two challenge 20 a four weeks ago. About two weeks ago I decided to go back through all of the lessons from level 1 and 2 as quickly as I could. I ride my bicycle for exercise most mornings for at least an hour or so and drive about 20 minutes to and from work each day so I can listen to at least three challenges a day while doing both. I also speak twice a week in spanish once for 30 minutes and the other for an 1 hour with two different folks.

I’m amazed at how much I retained from level one. So two weeks into the revision I’m on lesson 9 in level 2 and should finish this week sometime. On a side note, in level one I’m also attempted to supplant the formal usted with the informal tu to make it a bit tougher challenge and I find it’s a good challenge just the same.

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Superb results - well done! Are you using the listening exercises? :sunny:

There aren’t any listening exercises in Level 2 or did I miss something? Should us level 2 peeps be listening to the exercises from Level 1 challenge 25?

Hadn’t even crossed my mind… oops!

Yes, definitely - every day, ideally - until we have the exercises for L2 ready. If you don’t carry on with the L1 ones, you’ll find the (faster) L2 ones absolutely brutal when you start with them… :sunny:

5x? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Yes, I assume you mean the Spanish challenges. What I don’t use though, are the vocabulary lists.

Enjoying level 2, but still find myself making up lots of stuff in conversation! So many Spanish speakers here (in the US) so a small conversation ( or two or three) is possible everyday! People are very appreciative of the effort!

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Good man! :sunny: :thumbsup:

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I do like to look at the vocab, out of interest really though it does not seem to stick in my memory any where near as well!

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