At the weekend had a melt down asking - ‘We’ve not booked - do you have space for us.’ Thinking back could have asked- ‘have you got a table’ but how do you ask ‘is there room-? got space?- fit us in?’ These are little phrases that can go wrong.

I’d go with Dyn ni ddim wedi bwcio, oes ystafell ar gael yma? and I am pretty confident I’d be understood.
Edit: I was obviously going for a hotel-like setting. For a restaurant I’d ask something like “could we eat here?” – Gawn ni fwyta yma?

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How about: “Oes gyda chi bwrdd i ni?”

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I would use “lle” for space/room so maybe “oes gynnoch chi le?”

Ystafell is a room like changing room (ystafell newid), living room (ystafell fyw), etc.


Yeah- at the time I thought ‘ystafell gofod lle or man’ could all be wrong- so opted for english- then I kicked myself as ‘oes gynnych chi bwrdd’ would have been just fine. But still want to know what phrase
or word would work though, if any.

That’s what I’d be most likely to use - or the bwrdd/ystafell options from above for location specific stuff… :slight_smile: