Southern Challenges - Recording hitches

Just a small thing in Challenge 2 but not sure if it’s been picked up before - at 28:58 Iestyn repeats “In the meantime” with a pause in between them.

Then in Challenge 3 at 22:54 it gets a bit confused. Iestyn says the Welsh twice, then no Cat, then a pause and an English sentence with Cat immediately after it - no pause - and back to Iestyn in English again.

At the end of Challenge 3 there is a lot of repetition so that needs tidying up.

Thanks, Dee but this is bad news indeed :frowning:
We have installed a separate checking process with new volunteers and I really can’t understand how these glitches have got through to publication.

I will, of course, try to get to the bottom of it and thank you again for pointing these things out.

(If Jeff, Iestyn or any of the volunteer checkers have any ideas, I’d love to hear them)

You all do such a great job I feel bad telling you. I hope it will be something easy to sort out. And I am still hoping to volunteer to help as well if you need any more people, but life keeps getting in the way.

Any day now I will be moving to Llandysul, but then my parents arrive to stay with me for 6 weeks so still no spare time for a while.

Excellent news about the move to Llandysul, Dee. It’s been a long time coming. :slight_smile:
Pleeez don’t feel bad about telling us. Your feedback is not only helpful, it is crucial.

It shouldn’t matter but what device/software were you using to listen to the challenges?

Dee: Just a small thing in Challenge 2 but not sure if it’s been picked up before - at 28:58 Iestyn repeats “In the meantime” with a pause in between them.

Oh yes! I spotted that, and wondered if it was deliberate.

I have to say that I’m delighted not just with the content, but with the leap up in technical quality of the recordings. Iestyn and Cat’s voices have never been clearer. Both are a pleasure to listen to.

The Challenge 02 file I checked was not 28 minutes long, so I am confused! Anyway, since “in the meantime” is not actually part of the teaching, if the repetition was there in the checked file, it was probably deemed to be non-breaking, since it was part of Iestyn’s outro speech.

I cannot speak for Challenge 03 I’m afraid as I was not assigned to that file.



Stu: The Challenge 02 file I checked was not 28 minutes long

That’s a useful clue, Stu. Diolch yn fawr.
There may be “slips” between the “cup and the lip” in which the checked task is not getting through to the published challenge.

Hang on - come to think of it - I recently posted a warning that precisely this had happened to one of these tasks. Now if I can only find that post! :slight_smile:

Diolch David hefyd
I’ll get to the bottom of this if it’s the last thing … aaargh :slight_smile:

Me:Now if I can only find that post! :slight_smile:

Aha - here it is. I posted it 4 days ago in the “Course 1 differences” thread
Mae’n blin 'da fi / ddrwg gen I
Through no-one’s fault but my own, the current version of the new Course 1 Lesson 3 South contains a couple of repetitions (which don’t seem to be too confusing fortunately.)
I’ve supplied Iestyn with a corrected version (thanks to our vigilant checkers) which he can publish when he has finished booting people at the April Bootcamp.

I’m going to concentrate on the Lesson 2 issue now till Iestyn resurfaces

I’m using Firefox and Windows 7, and I was just listening to the files by clicking on the down arrow and opening them in Windows Media Player.

The repetition and pause in Challenge 2 aren’t really a big deal, but did make me think “Oh, what happened there?” when I heard it, so I thought it might do the same for other listeners.

Thanks, Dee.

Dee: Thanks again. I’ve completed my investigation.
Challenge 02 “in the meantime” repetition. You are absolutely right, of course, but, unless I’m overruled by Iestyn or Aran, I’m going to let it pass because it’s not fatal to understanding.

Challenge 03. As I’ve said above, these glitches have been identified and should be rectified post-bootcamp next week.

Please don’t hesitate to submit further error reports - we’ll still be chums - honest :slight_smile:

Stu: Could you check my comment in the Breeze, Lesson 2 task, please?

Responded to your note Huw :slight_smile:


Not sure if I should post in this thread or not, but I was listening to Challenge 1 (south) via the website (Google Chrome browser), rather than downloading, and it just stops mid-lesson at about 9 minutes in.

What happens if you download the file Annie?



I have just tried looking for these challenges and can’t find them. Is it only available to certain people at the moment or is it me not looking properly?

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No they are available on the Level 1 New! page Gerry.



Hi gerryf,
you go to Level 1(new), choose Lesson 1,2 or 3 and then you get the choice for North or South.
Please write again if this doesn’t work for you.

Reminder: Level 3 South is waiting to be updated so please don’t download or stream it yet.

Well, Challenge 3 isn’t so bad that you can’t listen to it, it just glitches a couple of times. I still enjoyed it.