Southampton, Winchester, Salisbury meetup

Anyone interested in a week day evening meeting in one of these areas to suit travel? I live in Romsey

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Hi Mike. I live in Portsmouth so I’d make Southampton easily. I’ve always thought “The Hobbit” might be interesting…

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Hi Mike,

I live in Basingstoke so Winchester would be a bit better for me but Southampton would work too.


Annwyl Mike,
Da iawn! I could certainly make it to Salisbury.

I live in East Hants and am interested in getting to a group either in Winchester or Southampton. Please keep me posted.

Can I suggest that everyone sends me their email address. I’ll set up a group mail such that we can settle on a location and a night.

Hi Joe,
there is already a Welsh group in Basingstoke (QMC: Tues 7.15-9 pm), although it’s not a SSIW one.

Hi Mike,
I’m not currently able to attend the Basingstoke group, so I’d also potentially be interested in another group in Winchester.

Cofion gorau

A first meeting is planned on the 16th April at the Cart and horses Kings Worthy at 7 pm.


A brief update for those who previously expressed an interest and for anyone new, a small group now meet in the Winchester area (Cart and Horses Kings Worthy) fortnightly on Thursdays, even weeks of the year.

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Hi Mike, are meetings still going ahead as previous post?
Happy New Year!

Hi Gary,
Yes there is a two weekly meet up in the cart and horses in Kings Worthy. Two of us meet regularly and a third is expected to be joining. Next meeting is the 7th Jan although we normally confirm nearer the date as we are such a small group.
Happy New Year to you too!

Hi Mike,
I’ll pop this in the email this week with a mention to leave a message for you here and perhaps a few more might be interested in joining you.

Hyfryd! May I join you this Thursday?

Ok course! 7 pm, normally in the area to the right of the bar. Karen and I will be there at least. Mike

Ardderchog! Looking forward to meeting you.

Bore da!

Roedd y cyfarfod clwb Cymraeg neithiwr yn ardderchog! 'Dwi’n edrych ymlaen i’r nesaf!



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Oedd e’n :smile:

Yn fy nosbarth yr wythnos 'ma, soniodd fy nhiwtor i o wefan diddorol iawn:

Dych chi’n teipio testun i mewn i’r bocs, clicio ‘gwirio’ ac mae e’n ffindio camgymeriadau.


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Could you please let me know if you still meet fortnightly in Winchester?
I’m based in Southampton and desperately trying to get some practice.

I’m only a beginner, I started learning through SSIW about 11 months ago. I am half way through course 3 but would welcome any opportunity to experience live language.

If you wouldn’t mind someone like me joining in, I’d love to come, even if only to listen in.
Could you please let me know?

Thank you,

Hi Litah, as it happens I’ve just had an email from @mikebrown confirming those fortnightly meetups are still happening. I’m sure you’ll be more than welcome.



Ahem. If you’re half-way through Course 3, you are far, far from a beginner! :star:

And if you’ve done that in 11 months, you’re going at a superb rate - and you just need to put yourself in a few ‘no choice but to speak Welsh’ situations for you to discover just how much you’ve achieved… :star2: