Song Lyrics and such - Any proofreaders around?

Hello All,

One of the many mad things I’ve been doing in my pursuit of getting to know the Welsh language better is… the mad idea of writing a whole album’s worth of music in Welsh.

I’ve done music my whole life, so that part of it has been quite easy. I’ve got 12 songs finished completely musically and am just starting the process of putting words to them - which in a language you just started doing 4 months ago is a bit of an interesting challenge!

I’ve done about 5 so far, with the rest having just a couple of lines.

Obviously when I’m done, I’ll put links up here and all that.

But for the time being, is there anyone around who wouldn’t mind glancing over the words when I’ve finished just to check that I’m actually making sense most of the time?

I’ve found that lyrics don’t always really make sense ( who can say that ‘Annie you are okay, you’ve been hit by a Smooth Criminal’ for example, makes any sense?) but it’s just to make sure I’m not making any massive massive faux pas’s.

Won’t be straight away, but any help would be appreciated and noted if any of this ever comes out in any form at all!


If you’re up for posting the bits you want to check in here, I’m sure you’ll get plenty of feedback (and some of it will be mine)… :slight_smile:


Did this project ever continue?? I’m interested in hearing!

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It did! But at the moment its all instrumental! I’ll have to dig it out soon