Someone to practice speaking Welsh with

Dwi’n newydd dechrau ail dysgu Cynraeg. Ar hyn o bryd dwi’n byw yn Leyland ger Preston. Ges i fi eni a’i fagu my Mhontblyddyn Sir y Fflint. Felly dwi’n edrych am rywun i ymarfer siarad efo’r fi. A oes unrhyw un sy’n barod I’m helpu?

Have you tried the Clwb Cymraeg Preston?
I’ll tag @annespooner as I think she’s involved in it (although I don’t know how regularly she comes here on this forum).

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Helo Heather. Are you still looking for a speaking partner? I have done SSiW up to level 3 (southern region) (but still very much a learner) and am currently doing the Meniad level course. Looking for new speaking partners as well. Let me know. Cheers, David Jones

Helo David,

I certainly am. I’m originally from North Wales and I learned Welsh to a fair level. Then I moved to England with my job 30 years ago and not having any practise whatsoever so have lost it. I started to relearn Welsh again and to be honest am finding it quite difficult as the spoken language has moved on.
Started using SSiW not so long ago and find it a great help. I’m hoping a speaking partner would help. I’ve registered for a course at Nant Gwrtheyn (canolradd) in January in the hope that I should be able to do it.
Hwyl fawr Heather