Some advice for learners

I came across this while messing about on the internet this afternoon, and it made me smile and think of fellow SSIW’ers!

While it is about learning Spanish, I would say the experiences cross over to speaking any new language.

The last point seems especially relevant to me at the moment - having move house recently I find myself surrounded by Welsh speakers - nothing but positive you would think. Unfortunately, while they all seem to understand me, I seem to NOT understand almost all responses to my attempts at Welsh. But, plough on I will - after all, 18 months ago I wouldn’t have understood me :smile:

A hugely important point to bear in mind! :sunny:

Where have you got to with the course? You may find that the accelerated listening exercises in the new Level 1 will be helpful in improving your understanding of your neighbours :sunny:

I had finished level 2, although I am fairly certain I missed bits/didn’t understand some points fully in the mad rush that was my life at the end of last year. I have been debating whether to crack on with course 3 or go back and see what I missed from course 2! will have a look at the listening courses though, I need to hear more Welsh I think, and neither S4C nor Radio Cymru have been holding my interest :frowning:

Definitely better off pushing on than revisiting - but you might find that the new Level 1 is more fun than Course 3 (which is a slightly clunky way to go through the short form for verbs) - and also gets you ready for the accelerated listening :sunny:

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That’s about the most amazingly motivating thing I’ve heard in a long time! Thanks.


And do you know Steve, it is entirely true :blush: It’s amazing how far my Welsh has come, and all thanks to SSIW as I haven’t used any other medium! Well, my children help me too, but not in an entirely contructive way :smile:
Thanks Aran, I will do both - plan for tonight, go home and download first of both sets!