[SOLD OUT] SSiW's BIG 10th Birthday Party

I too am coming upThursday, and said same as you… @AliCov, about being helpful, then thought to myself, what the hell use could I be… but perhaps with teamwork, there is hope even for little me… Achos ti’n deall yn well…

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How do you say… Sut i ddeud yn y Gymraeg…
“This thread is likely to make me wet myself, will incontinence pads be available for the duration of the celebrations, because I might not be the only one who needs some…”

Somebody making a film called “Threads” nowadays, could make it about language learning and laughter, and it could still be a thriller/horror…

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I am so pleased to be reading this!!!
Where are you staying Lorna?
Shall be paint Caernarfon RED?!
@nia.llywelyn, pryd ti’n cyrraedd yn Caernarfon? Ddylen ni dechrau parti prynhawn dydd Iau dwi’n meddwl!!!
… we should start the parti Thursday afternoon I think!!!
Whoooo Hoooooo!!!


Dydd Gwener fi’n dod :slight_smile:

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Yep. Yep iawn iawn!

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For those of you arriving earlier, Stryd y Plas in Caernarfon is a great place to explore. It is where Palas Print, our all time favourite bookshop is located. You’ll find quirky shops and restaurants and plenty of opportunities to use your Welsh.

On Stryd y Plas you’ll also find Llety Arall. Ty Siocled, an artisan chocolate shop. Siop Manon, a colourful vintage shop run by Manon Elis who used to play Michelle on Rownd a Rownd. Siop Iard who sell hand made designer Welsh jewellry. Scoops a dutch pancake house. Bonta Deli a wonderful little delicatessen. Art shops, the Market Bar and much more.

Another great place to practice your Welsh is Na-Nog book and gift shop on the maes.

A drink (and possibly a meal) at the Black Boy Inn which dates back to the early 16th century (the inn and not the food), is a must, as well as a visit to the Bar Bach - the smallest pub in Wales.

Other fab watering holes and places to dine include, Ty Glyndwr, who serve great cocktails I’m told. Ty Castell are great for Welsh tapas. Ouzo and Olive are a fabulous and reasonably priced Greek restaurant. Osteria serve Italian food and amazing sharing platters. Wal has good food and a great atmosphere. Stones Bistro pride themselves in their steaks and seafood. Copa on the Maes are popular with the youger generation - they are a modern pub serving pub food in a lively and colourful environment.

If it’s good weather, then I highly recommend sitting on the wall outside The Anglesey pub with a glass in hand, looking out over the Menai Straits towards Ynys Mon.

For fabulous Cantonese dining, Fu’s is a must!

if your feeling frivolous and really want to push the boat out, the Gun Room just outside Caernarfon is spectacular.

Fancy seeing more of the coastline? Then book a trip on The Queen of the Sea. She and her Welsh speaking staff will take you along the Menai on a relaxing trip where you can see the mountains of Eryri in the background.

If you feel like a pamper, my regular hairdressers One.A are fab. They’re friendly and efficient and have Welsh speaking staff! They also do nails and make-up! But book fast as they’re very popular.

Of course you can always visit The Galeri. check this link for what’s on at the cinema that week. They also have art exhibitions, and restaurant and bar area with outside seating.

Should you have forgotten any essentials, Caernarfon also have a Boots, a pharmacy/chemists, a Tesco/Morrisons/Asda, Peacocks, Home Bargains… and should you have made the mistake of leaving your frock at home, there are about four or five good charity shops… :wink:


Thank you for this @CatrinLliarJones, it is very thoughtful and much appreciated. x


Croeso mawr. X

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I have just booked to have a blow dry in One.A for the party on Saturday night!
Diolch eto. :clinking_glasses:

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Brilliant!!! Angharad and myself will be there on Thursday afternoon. :wink:

I’d say that’s pretty close to expert level for a death metal drummer… :wink:


I can see I’m going to have to set some funds aside… :shopping::shopping_cart::dancer:t4::cocktail::cake:


Likewise, though I didn’t anticipate blowing my whole budget by arriving early on the Friday. Anyway, looking forward to seeing what @CatrinLliarJones is suggesting for the rest of the weekend…


Sorry folks - been a bit snowed under - many thanks to everyone who’s responded in here, and to @CatrinLliarJones in particular…

We’ve now pinged people on the waiting list with the handful of spaces spare… we’ll be pinging everyone else for the rest of the payment next week, and also going into full on ‘Oh my word this is actually happening let’s get all this stuff DONE’ mode as of Monday… :smiley:


Oh, good! I was beginning to worry that we would already be in transit before you got to “getting this stuff DONE!” Looking forward to being in Wales for a few weeks!


Fantastic advice, Catrin! Any idea on where in Caernarfon I might find a Wales rugby jersey in a women’s cut . . . ? :slight_smile:


If there is no Caernarfon outlet, there are, of course, a number of online shops. The WRU sell them here. There only seem to be sizes S and L currently available. They claim to deliver to the states in 1-3 days but if it helps, I could buy one and hand it to you between the Friday afternoon and Sunday morning in Caernarfon.


“Siop na nog” in the centre of Caernarfon has a lot of clothes in stock upstairs most, if not all, are Welsh themed. There’s a bit more choice in Bangor.


I found them (rather, they I) on Twitter. They look grand!