[Sold Out] July 2017 bootcamp

Ooo, ye … if weather manages to be sunny all the day at least for 2 or 3 days, then you should definately bring sunglasses with. But most of the time you’d actually won’t need them - haha! If you’re acustomed to sea temperatures about 15 or 20 degees C and you’re bold enough to swim in 15 degrees then you should bring your swimsuit too, otherwise you should leave it at home. :slight_smile:

All the rest is holidays … trrying to speak, speaking, going around with the group trying all sorts of things from singing to visiting interesting places … playing some games at the evening and of course! going to tafarn where you’d probably drink cwrw. Even I claiming all the time I don’t drink any alcohol (and I in fact almost don’t drink it normally), went there gladly, talking to other bootcampers and natives if occassion provided that moment, all with nice peint of cwrw of course.

Yes, @eckhard, it is holidays and it is fun and it by all means worths going.

Well, bring sunglasses with, just in case, you never know … :slight_smile:


I’m afraid you do have to put up with my voice, yes…:wink: Great to hear that you’re enjoying the hard work - well done! :slight_smile:


Ydy hi’n posibl i cael un mwy ar y bwtcamp? I’m interested if their is a place left or if not to go on a reserve. Diolch yn fawr.

Hi Iestyn, you may not believe me as I have changed my mind so many times but I will be at Bootcamp in July if there is still a space. Count me in please.

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I’m definitely in for the July Bwtcamp.

I look forward to seeing you all.

Cofion cynnes,

Dafydd y Carreg Wen

Yes, we haven’t opened booking yet. Booking will open during the beginning of March - I’ll give a date and time here, with plenty of notice, and then it will be first come first served when the page opens.

For anyone reading this who is in a hurry to come on bootcamp, I have just received a cancellation for April’s bootcamp - take a look at Bootcamp 2017 - who’s coming to Tresaith in April (one space re-available)?


I am thinking about coming in July, other commitments allowing.

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Bore da! I make it 15 people who are interested in the July bootcamp, so I’m going to open bookings this Friday so that those who are coming can start making their final arrangements. Re-reading that, it sounds a bit ominous - I mean travel arrangements and time-off etc, of course… :wink:

So booking will open THIS FRIDAY, 10TH MARCH AT 21.00 HRS (9 O CLOCK IN THE EVENING) .

Places will be allocated on a first come first serve basis, and the costs will be £260.

An important change to the information regarding this bootcamp:

Bootcamp week does not lead in to Eisteddfod week this year.

In other words, there is a week between bootcamp and Eisteddfod, so if you are an international bootcamper hoping to do both, you will need to extend your stay. And what a beautiful country to have to spend some extra time in!

Remember that generally, we are unable to refund bookings once they are made, because of the restricted spaces available, and the low amount that we charge. However, we will refund places that are taken by other people.


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I would be very interesting in coming too.


Got the green light! Looking forward to Friday


Slightly less than an hour to go…


I’m interested in coming too, please

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Booking is now open at https://v1.bookwhen.com/he4qc/201707220000/tej

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Paid :slight_smile:



And apologies to anyone who is watching the rugby, and had to make a point of using their half time to book a bootcamp! I’m looking at you, Cusack…


Got my spot! :grin:


How did you know??

Paid! :slight_smile:

(Wales doing quite well at the moment.) :slight_smile:


Looking forward to meeting you all



I just paid, though it was touch and go. PayPal did not make it easy…

Ac ymlacio!