So, this million speakers thing - what are we going to do about it?

Include me in, too!

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Oh, hi, I’d like to be involved too if I can :smile:

Bit busy this month but I’ll do my best to contribute as often as possible… Also I’m gonna say I’m open to all three :blush:

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Hi, I’d like to be involved too - I’ll contribute ideas from my experiences, work away in the background on research, evaluation, summarising reports and things like that. As long as it doesn’t involve being on television, radio or videos - how I admire people who can do that. And my son’s happy to proofread in English.

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Awesome offer - diolch o galon!

I genuinely think that we have an absolute A list in this community - and that if we structure this correctly, we’ll be able to make a game-changing contribution… :star: :star2: :dizzy:

I’m in!

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[quote=“leiafee, post:33, topic:8729”]I’m in!

Come on in, the water’s lovely:

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Count me in too!

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@aran Are we posting ideas for solutions here?

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Me too - I’d love to help in whatever way I can!

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Count me in, too, please.

Oddly, the most adamant opposition to learning Welsh that I have come across has come from Welsh speakers! Admittedly they are in England, as am I, and not in Wales.


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@aran I know the Government can’t actually make it illegal to sell cwrw in English, but…inducements of any other kind possible???

I’m happy to help in any way I can.

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I think in this thread we’re just getting hands up from people who are willing to be part of the project…

Then in the ‘What are the problems?’ thread we’re trying to collect and collate the main challenges…

In the ‘Organising the project itself’ thread we’re trying to make sure that we get a decent set of initial structures…

And then I think we’ll kick off a small number of threads focusing on particular key areas where we’ll start doing some idea generation…

How does that sound? :slight_smile:


I’d like to be involved in the discussions/ideas side of things but I’m a little confused as to which thread to follow.
I have a Trello account: @adriangraves

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I am happy to be involved in whatever way I can.

I can’t find the link to the Trello board. (I think I’ve got an account somewhere…)

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I think we’ll be building a bunch of different threads for different things - focusing on the threads in the ‘Million Speakers Project’ section will be best - while this thread stays open on the general forum for people to put their hands up to get involved… :slight_smile:

It’s got lost somewhere in the ‘problems’ thread, I think - I’ll set up a separate ‘Joining us on Trello’ thread to make it more findable… :slight_smile:


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Yes, all sounds great.

These threads could sound like possible candidates for inclusion into a special folder, as was suggested in the thread about making the forum more friendly.

Having said that, I don’t see a problem in us finding the threads using Aran’s explanation (above) as a reference point.

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Done! I think, if we’re talking about the same thing - click on ‘Welsh’ up there, and you’ll see a ‘Million Speakers Project’ section… :slight_smile:

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I wish I could be helpful, but I think that living in the US and not having been to Wales, I don’t have the kind of insight I need to be useful. (When I started learning two years ago, I thought everyone in Wales spoke Welsh :blush: I’ve learned a lot from this forum!) But I’m definitely following all the discussions, and I’ll chime if I feel I can contribute. I think this SSiW initiative is brilliant! :star: