Snowdonia Marathon Eryri

just a thought… I work on the TV coverage for this event and last year it struck me that it might be a good opportunity for SSiW to have a ‘table’ in the registration centre. It would certainly be something I’d be happy to ‘man’ except that I’ll be busy being a media ‘bod’ all day, but I thought I’d put the suggestion out there in case anyone else thought it was a good idea.

The marathon is on Saturday 25th October in Llanberis. The registration centre is the Electric Mountain visitors centre. I’m sure the race organiser could give further information and I could pass on her contact details if it’s something worth considering.

… and if any SSiWers are running the event, do say helo to the short female in the huge orange hi-vis coat and sou’wester if you see me :wink: !

It is a good idea, diolch yn fawr iawn am y syniad.

It’s the sort of thing that tends to happen if there are some enthusiastic volunteers around, but not usually otherwise. Fingers crossed :sunny:

I’ve frightened the “Revive this topic?” wizard, but I wasn’t sure where else to post this. @siaronjames Were you working at the Marathon this year (2016)? The broadcast at 7.30 pm Sunday 30th compressed so much into a short time that there was not a lot of scene setting. I tried to look out for you and your clipboard, but didn’t see you!
Anyone else seen this and enjoyed it? Never, even at my fittest, would I have tried this event!! I admire all who compete!

yes @henddraig, I was there! In fact I can be seen lurking in the background several times in part 4 (thanks to my big unmissable orange hi-vis coat! didn’t have my SSiW cap on this time though :sob:) and the proof is on S4C clic and BBC iPlayer!

yup, got to admire everyone who takes part, and it’s a shame we only get 1 hour because we can’t possibly do all the runners justice in that time.

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That is exactly what I thought!! I’ve still got it recorded, in case you gave me a hint!! I’ll look for you!! Do let us know what other events you’re working on! Eisteddfod? Sioe Frenhinol???

Will do, although I generally try NOT to end up the front end of the camera - honest!

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Gwallt coch?

yes, coch-ish (purple hair dye fading out!) :grin:

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Well done for realising what I meant to type! Glad I spotted you!

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I love my job!


Jammy! I envy you despite being far too old to have such thoughts!

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Been really busy so just managed to catch up on the coverage of the race. Once again, it was brilliant, really gripping and showed the drama of the race wonderfuly. Thanks to all involved, this and the coverage of Ras y Wyddfa does the sport no end of good. Might watch it again tonight😀


Just caught up with Lowri Morgan’s Her 333. Once again, I was blown away by fantastic coverage of ultra running. There’s loads of UK runners who would love this, has S4C given the series a push via Runner’s World or something? You never know, it might persuade a few people to pick up another language. Thanks again for a wonderful programme😀

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No good thanking me this time - this wasn’t one of our (Cwmni Da) productions, this one was done by Tinopolis. I can say for certain that we do push our marathon and Snowdon Race coverage on the Runners World Forum and the relevant facebook groups among other things :slight_smile:


Well, I’m always impressed that S4C seem to feature these events more than BBC and others. I know ithese things have a minority appeal (but then in my opinion, so does blydi Flog It😜). There are always inspirational stories, fantastic countryside and interesting bits of culture in the smaller events which mega mass participation events lack. I’m going to stick some of this wonderful stuff under the nose of RW and see what happens. I was really disappointed when the mainstream press and TV completely blanked Nicky Spink’s record breaking double Bob Graham round this year. That was probably the most staggering (not literally!) athletic achievment yet it still only comes to notice if you google it (which everyone should). I’m happy Lowri’s feats are getting deserved coverage.