S'Mae all, newb

Bore Da Pawb. Nathan ydw i, 29 oed, Dw i’n dod o Pen-y-bont.

I was fortunate enough to have had and learned welsh from nursery through to comprehensive school as a subject. As usual in a school language class its not very useful apart from the main doing words that I remember and the very basic conversational stuff.

Dwi wedi bod yn dysgu dweud rhywbeth yn gymraeg am bity mis nawr, Mae’n Wych, Dwi wedi bod yn gwneud pryd dwi’n gyrru i gweithio. Mae rhaid i fi ymarfer mwy ond hoffen i rhai llenyddiaeth.

If that makes sense, lol

Basically I’ve got to challenge 12 of level 1 and it’s becoming increasingly difficult for me as I can’t hear how it would look on the page so to speak. Is there any literature that can go with the Say something in welsh levels?

For example… he/she wanted and she’d/he’d would etc, are very similar sounding but to fully understand and for it to ‘click’ in my head I need it more visual.

Appreciate any help



You have my sympathy, but I can’t help much! @aran designed the course to teach spoken Welsh and actively discourages reading ‘too soon’. This is OK for most who have never read any, but for those of us used to reading and, in my case, with aged ears, often we need to see to be sure what we are hearing. There is vocabulary available but not ‘word for word’ sort of stuff. Talk is afoot of getting some sort of short stories read aloud to help with listening practice!

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Hi Nathan, hope I have understood, I’m not reading welsh yet but practicing the speaking and listening with this course.

Are you looking at the Challenge vocab lists? On my screen I see this and I’ve highlighted in yellow the link I would press, and then some vocab pops up.

But maybe you’re looking for something more as henddraig suggests?


That is EXACTLY what i was after. Diolch yn fawr iawn alice9


Out of interest which Pen y bont do you come from? Is that where you still live?

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Welcome to the forum, Nathan, and huge congratulations on having got off to such a good start… :slight_smile:


Maen ddwrg da fi Theresa, Dwn i ddim yn gweld hyn, Pen-Y-Bont, Morgannwg, de Cymru