Slow loading of messages in the new forum?

An observation: Opening any message thread is happening for me much more slowly on the new forum than on the old forum.

I’ve done the comparison now on iOS 7.1.1 and on Firefox 26; I haven’t done it yet on Chrome. I’ve gotten the same behavior consistently across a few days and (for iOS) a number of different wireless connections and cell connections. Clicking on a thread in the left-hand list instantly leads to an almost-blank screen with a rotating “thinking about it” icon, which persists for a while (a number of seconds) before I see any text. In contrast, getting back to the left-hand list happens almost instantly.

Are others seeing this behavior? If so, can the delay be reduced or eliminated? I find it’s cutting into my willingness to read more than a few threads at a time.

I think it’s consistent for everyone, and seems to be getting worse as the thread/message count increases.

Same here! I’m using iOS 7.1.1. I thought it was just the network strength, but it’s happening on wifi as well!

More info: I’ve just tested, and at least for me, the delay doesn’t seem to be connected to either the number of messages in the thread or whether I’ve previously viewed the thread. (Not 100% sure about that last one, though.)

I’d have thought it’s almost bound to be the total number of messages in the table.

It feels a bit laggy to me, too - we’ll stick this up at the top of our post-payment stuff ‘to fix’ list…:slight_smile:

I’m using Chrome and it takes around 5 seconds to load a thread, so only marginally slower than before for me. I’ll just check again.

Opened a few more threads - 5/6/7 seconds or thereabouts. Can’t remember the lag on the old site to be honest, but it doesn’t feel much slower to me.

That’s consistent with the lag I am seeing here. Old forum lag just now was about a half-second to a second.

You’re quite right Diane - I just checked the old forum and it was around one second after all.

I’ve noticed the same thing recently, whereas I remember thinking how snappy it was in the beginning. I’m using Firefox.

I use Chrome on XP:

Loading a thread isn’t always slow, but I find posting often is.

Mike: until today, loading and posting was probably more or less the same speed. However, simply opening a thread will be must faster as of this evening, because that’s a shortcut that I just put in place to make things faster… Opening threads no longer forces an immediate update of the list on the left, which is where most of the speed was going, and since opening threads is the most common activity, I figured it’d be an acceptable trade-off. However, posting really does require the left hand side to be updated, I’d say, so we can’t use the same shortcut there.

On the other hand, everything - including posting - should be somewhat faster than it was yesterday, thanks to Kev’s performance fixes. :slight_smile:

Opening threads is much quicker now - from around 6 or 7 seconds to about 2 seconds for me at least. Not tried posting new thread yet.