Slack, Welsh Speaking Practice (WSP) - Event Listings

And we’re super grateful to you for all the fantastic work! :smiley:

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And here’s the link to join: Launch Meeting - Zoom

( There is usually no need for a password or ID)

This is a great idea, especially for people who don’t have much access to other speakers or who want to build up their confidence. Diolch!

No replyy..?

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Sorry @kate-smith-1 , reply to what?

Have you access to the Welsh Speaking Practice ( on slack)?
If you PM me your e-mail address I can check if you’re on there

This is the link to the next online chat ( but they change every 5 or 6 weeks)

Helo, I have been slow to use the forum ,however I want to be on forums more now .

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Are the slack welsh speaking practice sessions still going? If so what days, I’d there still a timetable I can look up?

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A timetable would be amazing.

I know of the one on Saturdays at Noon (which I hope to make it to soon) and a gardening one that I saw posted about on the WSP Slack. I don’t know if anything else happens regularly?

The SSIW Community Chat channel “1 - Start here” has a timetable of chats

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If you mean the one on slack it has no posts in it

Ignore that I’ve found the other slack group

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Good. I would really recommend that you join in the chats, everybody is really friendly and supportive. I have found them useful in helping me learn how to listen to and understand unexpected sentences and to think of my response at the same time.

Where did you find it? The one I see is the one where nothing is visible

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Bore da!

I’m not personally involved with WSP, but it is possible that @Deborah-SSi and @Novem may be able to provide you with more clarity. You may not hear from them till Monday, though as I think they’re both pretty tied up today. :slight_smile:

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Diolch. Not a problem, this forum is spoiling me with how quickly people reply.

It sounds like the one you’re in is Welsh Speaking Practice - sessions are run in the “SSiW Community Chat” channel which is for SSiW subscribers. If you are one and aren’t in the slack, send an email to admin and Deborah will add you :slight_smile:

(although, there might be a longer delay than usual due to the bootcamp!)

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Sorry, every now and then Slack archives stuff. I try to keep an eye on it and put it back, but I don’t always see it if I’m busy. I’ll do it now :slight_smile:

EDIT: Actually, I’m not sure if it’s all relevant now. I’ll check it and update it where necessary when I’m home from Bŵtcamp.

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This one;

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Thank you all. Yes, I am in the Welsh Speaking Practice slack. I didn’t know about the other. I am a subscriber but I am not on one of the structured courses (just going through the challenges at my own pace). Presuming that still qualifies me to join the other I will email and ask for access.