Skype practice


I have been learning welsh for over a year.

I am listening to course 2 of the southern welsh.

I’m an Aussie. Live in Melbourne.

I’m looking for someone who I can Skype with and practice with.

Is there anyone up for it?

Hi, I’m also an Aussie…also from Melbourne, actually. I’m a bit behind you - I’m on lesson 24 of course one Southern, but I’d love to get some practice too.


That’s cool. I’ll be happy to practice with you. Have you had a chance to speak welsh with anyone before?

I haven’t yet, so it will be interesting to see what happens. There’s also a group of Aussies that does a group Skype call on the first Thursday of every month. We were discussing it in this link:

Perhaps you’d like to join us there.

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I knew there are groups. I go to a welsh class in the city every Tuesday night

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That’s cool. Where is the class held?

Celtic club on queens street

Ah, I know where that is. I might have to check it out sometime.

Yea it’s a good way to add to what you learn from the say something in welsh

I can imagine. Anyway, when were you thinking of starting Skype practices? And how often were you looking at. My schedule is reasonably flexible, despite the fact that I’m pretty busy, so I should be able to work around you most of the time.

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Friday nights and weekends would be best for me. I’m not sure how often. When would you like to 1st practice?

That works for me too. We could start this weekend if you want to.

Yeah Sunday works between any time 11am - 1pm?

12 is good for me. If you PM me your Skype name, I can organise it.

It is:

I just made it now

Ok, cool. I’ll add you when I jump on my computer. :smile:

I’ll chat with you 12pm Sunday

Hi, I am doing C2 South as well and would love to chat
(unfortunately don’t live in Australia!)

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Hi Jenny. If you don’t mind the fact I’m a bit behind you, I’d be happy to practice with you also. I’m trying to find as many people to practice with as possible.

@ Jenny: I don’t that your not in Australia.
@ karla: I won’t be free Sunday. How would next Sunday be?