Skype/Google+ partners?

I’ve just started using Skype with a regular partner and am enjoying it very much. Although I don’t get a great deal of spare time to chat I’d like to encourage everyone to dive in and get some practise. The old forum had a thread about finding chat partners so I thoughtdI’d start one on here too … so here it is.

My name on skype is “the_drummist”. Like I said, I’m not available that much but feel free to add me and if I’m on I’ll have a chat. :wink:

Good work that man… :seren:

I believe that an as-yet unavailable feature of the forum will offer an easier way to share things like Skype details. Not sure how it will work, but things like that are one reason I believe that at least parts the forum should not be open to non-registered viewers.



Hey everyone,

Well let me be he second one to volunteer here.

I’m about half way through course 2 and in desperate need of some practice so if you fancy a chat on Skype then let me know. I’ve never used Google hang outs but I’m also more than willing to give that a try.




I’d be happy to practice on Skype/Hangouts with other people. I’m in dire need of some speaking practice.

I’ve actually listened through to the end of Course 3, but I need to revisit it to pick it up better. I’m currently working back through the vocab units from C2 to refresh my memory on a lot of that as I’ve lost some of it as I’ve not been practicing enough.

Happy to speak with any level - glad to help out lower level learners but also keen to learn from more experienced!

My Skype name is digitalshade if anyone wants to add me :slight_smile:



Hi Tzevai! Llongyfarchiadau on getting so far…:seren:

I’m currently working back through the vocab units from C2 to refresh my memory on a lot of that as I’ve lost some of it as I’ve not been practicing enough.

It might be a good idea for you to try listening to vocab unit 10 first of all - you may well find that refreshes things well enough (it includes all the vocab) for you not to need to do the individual vocab units…:slight_smile:

I think there was someone looking for Face Time conversation partners on the old forum as well, wasn’t there? I do Skype, but I find it a bit mysterious and it doesn’t always work for me. I’d love to chat on Face Time, though, if anyone’s up for it. I’ve just finished Course 2 and am probably now going to work through Course 3 and the new Level 1 simultaneously.

Hi Aran! Diolch :slight_smile:

I have gone over vocab 10 once or twice since I first did it, but when I did it this time I realised a lot of it had slipped my memory which is why I decided to go back through all the vocab units again. I can speed through most of them (which is a good sign!) but there are a couple of bits which I don’t remember from the first time round so it’s worthwhile.

That sounds like a good call, Tzevai - confident learners are good whichever way they choose, to be honest! - although getting the ‘what the?’ moments when you re-run 10 on its own is probably enough to get things drilled in, over time, if/when you decide that you’re tired of revisiting all the others…:slight_smile:

Hmm…just realised that I gave the wrong Skype username! My actual username is digitalshadeuk.

In case anyone doesn’t know, there is a Google+ SSiW “Community”, which can be used (among other things) to announce/suggest group hangouts or what have you.

Just noticed Gruntius’s admission he has a “regular” partner. Hmmm, just wondering if he has an “irregular” one as well…
Seriously good idea for a thread Ger. I am sumseister1 on Skype although I spend less time on there than I’d like…

I’m the irregular one to be honest but I am eating more fibre these days.

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That is probably the real reason we are not getting fibre to the home here.

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Helo pawb,

I’m definitely at the stage that I want to practice speaking Cymraeg. There are no SSIW meet-ups around here (Blackpool/Preston) and I don’t know any Welsh speakers in the area. I’ve got up to lesson 20 of Course 2 with both North and South versions (mainly doing the North one ar hyn o bryd). I’d be hapus iawn to set up some Skype conversations with other learners. I’ve sent an add contact message to Tzevai via Skype. My Skype address is jongmcleod1 - please do get in touch if you’d like to sgwrsio yn y Gymraeg. Happy to try Facetime as well - will have to ask my daughter how that works :slight_smile:

@Jon - Got your contact request - will be in touch to try and arrange a chat. Earliest I can do is next week I think but we’ll sort something out!

No problem, Tzevai. Look forward to talking to you. Hwyl!

I really need to be practicing but feel really wimpy about chatting on skype just yet! I’d be happy to start out with messaging just to get my confidence up

Why not try a 2 minute Skype as a starter? The shift from 2 minutes to longer chats will probably be easier than starting with reading/writing and then trying to switch to speaking/listening :sunny:


I’m looking for a Skype buddy to practice if anybody is interested. I’ve done Course 1, 2 and Level 1 South so far intensively and going to start Course 3 next weekend.

Let me know if anyone has the time/ any questions.



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