Singing in Welsh for learners in Abertawe


I am not sure this will be suitable for me but… I have been looking for a way to learn to sing in Cymraeg. I can sing a couple of songs & hymns sung in Church and have learned some songs from youtube.[I would like more]
When I first saw this group in Abertawe I thought it would be great. Then I wondered if it would be all young people from the University and not appropriate for a retired old dear like me?!
Do you know anything about this group please?
Many thanks for your help.

Hi Ann,
I received the advertisement in an email and I don’t live in the area so I don’t know what the group is like. I suggest you just pop along and see. If it’s for learners of all levels I suspect quite a few will be more ‘mature’ learners. It would be great to hear what the group is like, though it might be an idea to contact the church first and see if it’s still going over the summer months.

Delyth is a very warm and welcoming person, and a fine musician.

If the group is anything like it was a year ago, you don’t need to worry about being the only retired person there!

I’m glad to see it’s back up and running (I lost track of it, oops!) and might go myself.

If my singing voice doesn’t put anyone off…

Oo, if it’s still going, it would have been today! So the next would be in a fortnight. Too late to call anyone now, but I’m going to TyTawe tomorrow evening. Someone will know if it is still going there.

I’ll report back Saturday unless someone beats me to it!

Breaking news… Talked to someone who knows her and used to do a similar thing himself, and he thought it was still going as far as he knew…

Sorry can’t be more definate, but I’ll be checking again as I fancy going myself!

Thank you, will probably do that. Diolch yn fawr :blush:

Thank you for your help. Sounds very promising & Delyth sounds lovely.
I’m not sure if it may clash with my SSIW group though. We meet every 2 weeks in the evening on Thursdays. We met last Thursday so I will have to check dates too. Hope it fits in with me? :blush:

Well it was last Thursday, so sounds like it clashes this month. However, the second and fourth Thursday is not the same as every fortnight, so, for instance, it looks like next month it would not clash.

Would that be a problem anyway? The learning through singing group is in the early afternoon.

And anyway, if it does clash in some way, when it does clash, you are welcome to come to our group in the Brunswick in Swansea which meets every Wednesday :wink:


Oh…I see what you mean. I think I assumed it was in the evenings. Yes, you are right it wont make any difference at all if its in the afternoon.
I will go to the next one then. Perhaps I should contact them first?
Were you planning on going yourself? :blush:

I’m not really a “planning” sort of person, but I was certainly thinking of going! I’ll be finding out if it’s still going for definite myself in the near future, and will let you know on this thread, but don’t let that stop you giving them a ring!

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No problem, think I will just turn up and see what happens! I will let you know