SIMPLE - Question 5 from Marilyn [BRAF]

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This is brilliant Sue,

Well done, and lucky you with the weather! It is absolutely teeming down here–almost Biiblical you might say.

Thank you for telling me about your brother. I have one too–his name is Mike and lives in cottage near St Nicholas.

Diolch yn fawr,

I think that recording so many questions at once is brilliant. They are easy to understand too, thank goodness.

If your brother lives near St Nicholas, do you (or he) know a former farm called Trellys-y-coed? My mother’s cousin farmed there for many years until he retired, which was probably in the 1980s. Some time later the land was sold off and the house and outbuildings were converted to holiday cottages. It’s a shame because he worked so hard to keep the land in good heart.

Now I must see if I can say something about Caerdydd.


Hi Sue,

I will ask Mike on Saturday when we have our weekly phonecall. It is more than likely his wife and in-laws (all dead now unfortunately) knew Trellys-y-coed Farm when they were active farmers. He still lives at the cottage belonging to Hael Faes Farm with his son. I visit them at least once a year and have walked most of the footpaths around there, so quite possibly strolled around or across your mum’s cousin’s land–wherever the paths led. Small world–especially since I live in Vancouver.

Good luck with Caerdydd–but go gently please, I hail from there originally :slight_smile:

Hi Marilyn,

There are two or three footpaths across the farm, so it is quite likely that you have walked there. Mum’s uncle farmed Tresissillt, just above Aberbach, so you may know that too. Other cousins farmed Cwmwdig near St David’s, and Pointz Castle. Great grandfather farmed Garndwyrain near Letterston (Trelettert). It seems that more remote cousins were in half the farms in Pembrokeshire. Possibly I am related to your brother’s in-laws. Small world indeed.

Of course I haven’t said anything bad about Caerdydd!



Diolch eto Siaron,

At least you have more variety then we do which is great practice for me.

All I need to say is “Mae hi’n bwrw glaw” and that just about covers 10 months of the year here :closed_umbrella:

Now how about the ‘Shipping Forecast’—it celebrated some major anniversary recently as I recall, but is it available in Welsh? All those wonderful names that used to conjure up images of pirates, Radio Caroline, and the Cruel Sea… though I never did figure out where the (Egyptian) Pharoahs came into it :thinking:

Fun eh,


Answer to Marilyn [Braf]
Hopefully earthquake = Daeargryn (at the end of the message)


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