Silly: Public service announcement - SSiW is bad for your health

I have started walking and jogging while listening to SSiW. Walking is OK, but jogging turns out to be a terrible idea. I want to jog for not long, while I want to keep listening to SSiW for a while. Today SSiW won - I ended up off my normal route, following my nose down various dead-ends as I dutifully listened to Iestyn and whispered replies (I’m not brave enough to flat-out speak the responses while wearing headphones in public). I am now tired, hot, thirsty and desperately in need of a shower. SSiW, what have you done to me?

Also - one of the early clips in C1bis is something like “I like walking more” - this is not very motivational when struggling away on a jog (even if it was very true)!

SSiW is not the problem - it’s the jogging :slight_smile: Keep walking and SSiW-ing… :slight_smile:

I find ssiw helps with the cleaning - may as well find just a few more things to dust to get to the end of the lesson! I would imagine ssiw would be more beneficial for running though. Keeps your mind off the paaaaain.

What you need is a nice, green, off-road route where you can talk to yourself :slight_smile: Sometimes when I’m out running , I describe what I can see and at worst, anybody I meet thinks I’m talking to the dog. Just wearing one earphone helps keep you safer and makes sure you don’t become the Welsh learner version of Brian Blessed :slight_smile: Pob lwc and keep running :slight_smile:

This is not the attitude Kev! Speak loud and clear, and you too can be known as the “nutter who walks around talking Welsh to himself”, just like me. I wear the name with pride!



I did the first six lessons of SSiSpanish while running the half marathon in Cardiff two years ago, and remember worrying alittle that other runners might be Spanish speakers, especialy when running just behind people and whispering (in heavily accented Spanish) “I would like to come home with you”, “Maybe we should meet later”,“I seem to have killed your cat”.*

*Note, these are not neccesarily SSiSpanish phrases - but you get the idea…

SSIW for runners?
“I’m 3.7653 seconds off a PB”
“Cader Idris is a bit steep”
"Don’t you think that these energy gels are like eating snot? "

Endless possibilities for a new social setting :slight_smile:

I did the first six lessons of SSiSpanish while running the half marathon in Cardiff two years ago

This is the third year in a row I’ve entered the Cardiff Half. I’m hoping that, this time, injury won’t prevent me getting to the start line!

SSIW for runners?

I think we have plenty already:
I don’t like running.
I like walking more.
I can’t run very fast.
Walking is faster.
I’m looking forward to walking.
I need to drink something.
The old man runs like a dolphin on the sea*

[*Maybe not]

Particularly liked “The old man runs like a dolphin on the sea”.

Have just started running again myself and was toying with the idea of doing SSiW lessons at the same time… and I’ve spotted another Cardiff SSiWer with an interest in running. Perhaps there’s room for a Cardiff SSiW running club???

Imagine the scene with all of us shouting different sentences from the cover of our headphones. We’ll have the police on us in no time.

I’m not really Cardiff, I’m Bridgend, I just pretend to be Cardiff for the Mochyn Du sometimes.

That said, I am overdue another trip to the Cardiff Parkrun.

I’ve found the best way to do SSIW while out and about, is to pop the mobile on aeroplane mode, an earphone in one ear, and pretend to be on the phone :smiley:

Let me just say, as I’m preparing to head out for a nice jog, that if it weren’t for SSi, I wouldn’t last a mile. Keeping the brain engaged is critical to keeping me going!

I actually do my SSiW lessons while jogging if I need to make sure my pace is slow*. If I can’t speak or concentrate I’m going too fast.

*still grappling with a stupid ankle

Yes, I’ve found I enjoy jogging more if I listen to SSiW while I go, partly because it slows me down. It’d be nice to think that might stop me injuring myself so much, but I’m less sure of that.

I’ve done SSIW + walking, but not running - I don’t imagine I’d have the breath to get the sentences out in time! (That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it…) I’ve also done it on the train, which is very good for getting a double seat to yourself (because no one wants to sit next to the crazy woman who’s talking to herself in Welsh).

But mostly I do it while cleaning, weeding and/or ironing - all things I’d need to be forced to do otherwise. So my wife is very happy about it!

Sara: But mostly I do it while cleaning, weeding and/or ironing - all things I’d need to be forced to do otherwise. So my wife is very happy about it!

Me too. Although the lessons get my undivided attention, the practice sessions are what get me through washing the dishes!

I always do SSiW when I’m walking the dog. I do it driving too. I tried running but I wasn’t fit enough to jog and get the words out. Also, I had serious concerns that someone would call me in saying: help there’s a mad woman running around the streets muttering to herself!

SSiW combined jog and easy the Eisteddfod 10am on the Thursday outside main entrance and straight onto the coastal path…no electronic devices/phones allowed…syth ymlaen pawb!

I like to get out my spinning wheel and make some yarn while listening to SSiW.