Silly Pronunciation Foibles

So, I’m thinking it’s not just me… there are countless times when my pronunciation mistakes have ended up sounding like something completely ridiculous in English and I can’t find any threads dedicated to this, so here goes!

I wholeheartedly believe that making mistakes and then laughing and learning from them is a wonderful way to learn a language - I have experienced it as a learner as well as in my work as a language teacher. I also believe that connecting imagery to what you’re learning is great, especially when it is funny or moving in some way.

Here’s my most recent example from a few minutes ago that prompted me to start this post today:

Two ways to mess up “ll” in one sentence!

From Level 1, Challenge 8
E: I’d like to say something else if I can.
C: Hoffen i ddweud rhywbeth arall os galla’i.
Me: Hoffen i ddweud rhybeth a-RASH os GOTH-ai…

Errr… what? The rash part is kinda icky, so no images for that one… :flushed::rofl:![Goths%20Meme|451x500](upload://60HoUeaolsQtmHClzoLRglRkFeW.jpeg)

Ok, where was I…