Signed up for Polyglot but cannot find Spanish Lessons

Hi, I just converted my Welsh only account to Polyglot, but cannot find the lessons.

I have toggled on to Spanish at the top left hand corner of the forum page, but when I press learn I keep coming back to Welsh. When I try relogging on to SSiSpanish my password is rejected.

Help please. Thank you,

Ugh, sorry about that - sounds as if the site is trying to remember/guess that you want Welsh - what happens if you try clicking on:

Also - @kinetic, any ideas? :slight_smile:

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Perfectamente! Gracias Aran.

Wow, just finished Lesson 7 without stopping and probably 90% + correct. I can barely believe it.

De nuevo, muchas gracias,


Eso significa que vas a hablar espanol… :star: :star2:

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