Good sing song last evening… And 4 new voices. Next month yma o hyd is on the song list so crysau cochion and bucket hats would be good.
ty Calon, queensferry, 7-8 last Thurs of every month

Ty Calon is closed on 29th Dec, so leave a contact number or email and I will let you know where we are meeting.

Next Canu Shotton 26th Jan at Ty Calon Queensferry. We will be singing some classics…dyn Bach o Fangor, Pan Fo’r nos yn hir, Deryn y Bwn, yr eneth ga’dd ei gwrthod sei hei lwli mabi and Tra bo dau…

Canu Shotton 7 -8pm Thurs 23rd

So, 30th march is our next sing-song … All Welsh songs… Lots of hwyl and chance to chat in Welsh over panad. Always glad to see faces old and new.

while we start singing at 7, we try to gather at 6.45…ready to canu at 7.

Canu Shotton has morphed a bit… Bit like a pub sing song without the pub … More chat time … about the songs and local interest stuff to share. Handy having a smart screen in the room. We are not a big group and new comers/visitors always enjoy our sing song/chat. A few more Cymro Cymraeg would be nice…

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Canu Shotton as usual may 25. 6.45pm. dafydd iwan songs is theme of evening …

Good to see this group still going. I attended a few times and it was very good for using Welsh

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@richard-pooley has advised me that these opportunities in Shotton are no longer running, so I’m closing this thread. If something else should start up, I’ll reopen it.

I hope all that attended these sessions enjoyed using Welsh together!

Diolch to Richard for his organisation :slight_smile: