Shwmae/Su'Mae Day - Thursday the 15th of October 2020

Way back in 2013 Wales celebrated its first Shwmae/Su’Mae Day . The aim was to promote the use of, to raise awareness of and to celebrate the Welsh language, by simply starting each conversation throughout the day with ‘Shwmae’ or ‘Su’Mae’. To find out a little more about this event, please click on the following link -

This year we would like you, our SSiW family, to get involved via social media platforms and here on the Say Something in Welsh forum.

Based on a wonderful idea by @nia.llywelyn, we’re asking you to share with us and each other who your Welsh heroes are.

So whether you choose Twitter or Facebook or the SSiW forum, how about using this format -

"Shwmae (or Sumae or Su’Mae) fy enw i yw [—] a fy hoff arwr Cymraeg i ydy [—]. "

Then tell us all one or two things about your hero or why you like them? If you don’t quite feel confident enough writing in Welsh, you could record yourself speaking in a short audio or video clip.

If you do use social media platforms, please use the following hashtags to make your Shwmae posts more visible.


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Thank you @carin-harris for making this video for Shw mae Su Mae day !

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My social media feed is awash with su’mae’s this morning! Fabulous! Love the ‘Say it in Cymraeg’ guides too. There are a few of them available (office, pub, cafe etc.)

A short video here to celebrate on Shmae/Su’Mae Day the richness and variety of Welsh from different regions of Wales


Despite being a very new learner, I brazenly put some short info about Shwmae Su’mae Day on Nextdoor this afternoon. Our village (and hence, Nextdoor community) is small, and what’s more, I had always assumed that our area was very much non-Welsh-speaking. Well, it was absolutely fantastic how much response there was! Drawback of course was, a lot of people writing stuff now that I don’t understand! :joy:


Ooh, hadn’t thought of using that! Great way to find local learners though!

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