Shwmae/Sumae Day Oct 15 2015

Shwmae/Sumae Day has been happening on October 15th for a few years now.

It’s a day to encourage people that are nervous about using Welsh in public to take that first step and say Shwmae or Sumae to as many people as possible. As SSiWers we all know how hard that first word of Welsh to a stranger can be, so it’s great if we can support this idea as much as possible. There are lots of different events to celebrate the day, so if you live in Wales (or even somewhere else!) try to find out what is going on in your area.

It also means that non-Welsh speakers are given an opportunity to hear Welsh spoken and to learn their first word!

There is a Facebook page Diwrnod Shwmae Su’mae Hydref 15ed which lists various possibilities, such as cafés which give you a free/discounted cuppa for saying Shwmae to the staff!

If you would like to promote what’s happening in your area, how about posting here?


Llandysul - there will be a games evening in The Porth from 7:45 pm on Thursday night organised by members of the local CYD group. All are welcome, even if you can only say “Shwmae” :slight_smile:


Oh, I know it was that day yesterday and I actually kind of promoted Cymraeg just right at my work greeting our dear co-workers in our acounting department with “Shw mae! Bore da! Sut ydy chi heddiw?”
“hey, what was that? Which language do you speak?” was quite cheerful question from them.
“Cymraeg.” I’ve replied and was very happy to explain to about 10 people what Cymraeg is, saying some more sentences in this beautiful language and explained them that I learn Cymraeg and where I learn it, how I learn it and why I learn it.

So my morning begun just in style with Shw mae day in deed and the chat on Skype with @aran was just fine conclusion of it. it really couldn’t be better then this taking into considderation I’m living in Slovenia where there’s actually no one who would speak Cymraeg (except my humble me … ) :slight_smile: