She'd better , I'd better // She wanted, he wanted

Having a rerun of challenge 12 before moving on to week 14 . The warning is not misplaced - Challenge 12 is hurling insults at my synapses. I’d like to leave two questions here, hope someone can answer them.

What is 'he wanted (to)'in Welsh? my vocabulary gives ‘roedd hi’n moyn / oedd hi’n moyn – she wanted’ but not ‘He wanted’ . The audio says something like oedd ??? moyn for ‘He wanted’?

Also, i don’t get/hear the difference between she’d better , I’d better , once shortened?

Many thanks

she is ‘hi’, he is ‘fe’ - although in speech the f is usually dropped, so it just becomes ‘e’. (this is the Southern version which, as you’ve mentioned ‘moyn’, will be the one you’re after - just for reference, in the North you’ll hear (f)o rather than (f)e )
So, “he wanted” = oedd e’n moyn

They do sound similar, especially at speed. she’d better = well iddi, I’d better = well i fi. The dd and the f are notorious for sounding identical to begin with!
(here, ‘iddi’ is a conjugated form of ‘hi’, but don’t worry about the grammar right now, just get used to the pattern :slight_smile: )
Also, just for reference again, sometimes people will use mi rather than fi - just a natural variation, both are correct!

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


That’s very clear, thanks very much! :100::clap:
And yes, i’m trying to ignore all the appearing and disappearing consonants for now.


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