"She was like ..." in Spanish?

I saw a news item tonight about the dreadful flash floods in Spain. A young woman was describing her shock at the rapidity of the flood. I didn’t catch the Spanish original, but the BBC translator gave "She was like … " meaning “She thought …” or perhaps “She said …”

Has Castillian Spanish really been infiltrated with this ghastliness? If so, how does Spanish yoof say “she was like …” in this context?

Dismayed of Ystrad Meurig :astonished: :laughing:

Diolch - this raised a smile on my weary face… :wink:

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I saw a very good explanation of the hierarchy of quotative ‘like’ a while ago on Twitter.
“She said” means I’m quoting her verbatim.
“She was like” means I’m paraphrasing.
“She was all like” means I’m paraphrasing, and being a **** about it into the bargain :slight_smile: